Friday, July 24, 2009

My Sonic Gear Spark Plug

Still remember my post about Dave Packard's 11 Timeless Rules? Well, the post is essentially about respecting and treasuring your colleagues in your working place. Have you ever get irritated by colleague who THINGS that he/she is actually all alone in the office? I'm experiencing this problems in my working place every single day. Ha :D You see there are more than 100 of us working in the same, conducive room. It's an open office I would say. No dividers, no cubicles, nothing! There are only hundreds of chairs and tables in this enormous office and nothing else to "restrict" us. This spells...troubles.


Some of the "kind-hearted" colleagues will tone up the volumes their radios so that all of us could listen to what they are tuning into right now (oh~how so good huh!). Some colleagues seems to have faulty phones. Why? It's because they have to shout very loudly to their mobiles phones every time they use it. Likewise, some of the more senior colleagues like to exert their authorities by speaking very tumultuously with each others in the room. Hey! I'm not deaf...and yeah I know you are very "old" already. LOL ;P does feels like that...

As you all know, I love music too. So whenever I want to listen to my favourite beats, I will just plug in my Sonic Gear Spark Plug and let the music "flows" into my ears. I'm not going to let the music blares the whole room, am I? I have just bought this new pair earplugs for RM30 I guess (kinda forget the real price). And I must say I love it very, very much. These are earplug with a Metallic Touch. They come in 6 colours and I have chosen Gun Metal to match the colour of my laptop.

I'm lovin' it!

These Spark Plug is really a bargain. Why? It is relatively cheap and the sound quality is simply awesome. Once you plug them into your ears, you could literally feel the music stream down your ear canals and vibrates through your delicate drums. Aww....that unexplainable eargasmic experience...especially if you are tuning into Josh Gorban's To Where You Are! For those who enjoy different beat of music such as Black Eye Peas' Bom Bom Pow, this is the Ear Plug you must have. Not only it offers high quality sound, this baby here also gives you clear, strong and deep BASS! Amazing!

This is what you get for RM30!

Then again, the best part is that this Spark Plug is a super effective noise isolation ear plug! Yes! So once these plugs are in stuffed, you won't hear anymore noise. Not a sound, not a voice, nothing! Kaput! That's why I love it especially when I'm using it in the office. All the hollering, screaming, wailing, squawking will be totally ISOLATED! So why not? For only RM30! I can have my peace of mind. Haha :D

My saviour in the office! The ISOLATOR!

And it comes with a cute pouch too. :D

So if you have colleagues who are as animated, as noisy and as "kind" as mine, perhaps this Spark Plug could be the asnwer for you? Have a great weekend folks. :p

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