Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Departure of Yasmin Ahmad

I was bolted when I discovered Yasmin was hospitalised due to stroke attack last Thursday. I got to know about this tragic news through one of my blogging friends. I told my family and they were all equally shocked too. Then...in less than 48 hours, Yasmin lost her battle and passed away. I never thought this will happen. Nobody thought this was happening. While others are mourning, some are still trying to come to terms with this tragedy. Fate and death have their idiosyncratic way of claiming their victims...

The optimist creed.

Yasmin Ahmad is no doubt one of the greatest Malaysian filmmakers of all time. She has touched millions of hearts and minds with her unique, humble productions which include movies and advertisements. At the age of 51 (coincidentally the same with Jacko), Yasmin passed away on 25th of July, after she suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage. What a sad and sudden ending for such a talent!


Lionized for her distinctive Petronas TV commercials even before she produced her maiden film, Yasmin was always down to earth. She even volunteered to make free commercial for a client who lacked the funds needed. How so kind. How many people are willing to do something with no strings attached at all?

She loves to direct!

Her masterpieces mainly are of our country's celebration of independence or touching on issues which are very close to the hearts of all Malaysians. Moreover, her gems (movies) always bear messages of racial harmony and familial ties. Yasmin was a daredevil, she was brave enough to touch on themes that are provocative and controversial! She always tries to be different and exudes her talent without any restrictions or boundaries. She tried to inject changes into our lives...and I believe she has succeeded albeit slowly.

A true winner.

Although Yasmin had received lots of accolades, she always underplayed her achievements. Instead she had always insisted that she was just a part-time filmmaker. Yep! To her, making movies was like a hobby, something she did because of the passion she had. Did you know that Yasmin graduated in psychology? She embarked her career as a copywriter before becoming a creative director in 1993. Since then she had never look back!

Her first major breakthrough!

Yasmin got her first big break in 2003 with her first feature film, Rabun. But it was Sepet that propelled her to be amongst the best directors in Malaysia. Her 2004's Sepet won several international accolades which includes Grand Prix at the Creteil International Women's Film Festival and Best Asian Film award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Both these awards speak volumes for Yamin's efforts. Sepet is a very special story. At the heart of it was a lovely relationship between a boy and a girl, kept apart because of their colours aka races. I believe a lot of Malaysians can relate to this movie and it has certainly opened our hearts and minds.

Yasmin simply had too many achievements for me to write in one single post. Hence I'm going to stop right here. It would be a joke if I try to squeeze everything about Yasmin in this tiny blog post. She was, after all the best of the best in Malaysia. Yasmin has dedicated all her live trying to tell us something, "Love is the greatest gift in this world!" Yes! Love! Love! Love! For without it, we are nothing but an empty vessel waiting to wilt. Yasmin's message was loud and clear-Love is pure and immaculate! Love transcend everything! We shouldn't try to implicate our own lives...have you love someone today? Tan Hong Ming has...

Let's enjoy one of Yasmin's best masterpieces...

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