Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awesome-nest Shampoo Ad: Clear Ice Arrows In The Dark

From Black into Darkness, shadows sees follicles bent and broken; and slivers and sparks as Dark and Dandruff collide. RAGE! Rage against the breathe of fear! Now frozen...silence marks the dance macabre. Into the Darkness, the icy Blackness follows!

That's the excerpt from the one of the most awesome shampoo ads I ever seen in my life. The name is equally thrilling-Arrows In The Dark. Obviously, this must be Clear Shampoo's most brilliant Ad ever to grace our imagination. The usual shampoo ads that we have seen are "decorated" with "ornamental" beauties which really bores the hell out of me. Those ads are plain brainless...all they need is to ask a few gorgeous ladies with great hair to flaunt their already prefect crowning glory.

Icy Black Warrior!

But Arrows In The Dark is totally different from what we know. There's no good-looking chicks and hunks banging their heads to show off their locks. Instead the ad starts with a few cool-looking "warriors" clad in uber elegant, sabre black outfit! Then these "warriors" battle it out with a few damn, disgusting "villains" aka the silvery Dandruff. My...I have to say that these "Dandruff" acting and on-screen demeanor are really flawless. In fact these "Dandruff" are the ones who makes the whole thing epic!

The agitating Dandruff! Yucks!

I'm sure a lot of you have watched this ad right? Especially those who always frequent GSC cinemas. Ha :D In fact, me and my wife discovered this gem in the rough from the cinema. It was aired just before the movie kick off. This melodramatic shampoo advertisement really inspires me. I mean what better way can you promote a dandruff-eliminating shampoo? The depiction of the battle between the shampoo and dandruff really makes my jaw drops.

The Fallen Dandruff.

Watch how dandruff is destroyed by the Icy Black! Watch the warriors throw ice arrows towards the dancing Dandruff which. The whole idea itself is an artistry. Awesome! Ha :D

So what say you?