Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordlesser Wednesday: Il Primo Strawberry

Il Primo...what does it mean? I have no idea at all. I maiden encounter with this phrase was in Mei Ting's blog. It's been such a long time when I first discovered it, but till today I am still clueless what on earth is IL PRIMO! Can someone enlighten me please? Then I tried searching for its meaning on the Internet. Too bad my effort is futile. Then finally I managed to google the second part of the phrase, "Primo". Ouh~Now only I know that "primo" denotes the best of its kind. That explains a lot huh. So for this week's Wordlesser Wednesday, I would like to present to you guys...Il Primo Strawberry which translates into the best strawberry?

Behold...IL Primo...

I'm not sure if it's the best of its kind, but dearest wife told me that it does taste sweeter than the others we have tried before. And guess where did we got these IL Pri~~Mo Strawberry? We bought it from an unlikely place-"pasar malam" (night market) near our home. It cost us RM15. I'm not a big fan of these berry, but since my wife wanted to test we got ourselves a box of these berries. By the way, it is imported from Korea.

Looks like Chilly!

Let's taste it...


Wanna have one?

P.S. I regret that I couldn't find a more presentable model to showcase the strawberry. Hence I had to stand in and unleashed my un-photogenic faces. Ha :D