Friday, May 8, 2009

What The F*CK? Dogs Kill & Eat 80 Cows?

I'm sure these few days a lot of you are reading about the plight of the dogs thrown onto an uninhibited island-Pulau Tengah by the residents from Pulau Ketam right? These so-called Swamp dogs have attracted worldwide concern and aid. Yes, it is a pity I must say. Some of the dogs have been died of starvation while others drowned in their attempt to swim back to Pulau Ketam. Here's something more heart-wrenching: some of the dogs even resorted to eating the carcasses of their dead "friends." These are (or were) the dogs rounded up by the residents of Pulau Ketam and transported to where they are right now in order to ease the stray dog population on their island. So really...who's to be blamed now?

A sad sight right? These dogs being left here to die! I'm about to show you the other side of their canine "buddies". I am shocked to read about this news. It is like a horror movie. This incident has been happening in Besut for 2 months. The Felda Tenang settlers have been puzzled over the disappearance of their livestock at the oil palm plantation in the settlement. At first, without hesitation they point their fingers on panthers, which had been seen by hunters at a nearby jungle about a year ago. But in the end...they realized it wasn't the panthers!!! It was...

Imagine the teeth sink into your flesh!

It was...a pack of dogs. Yes! All this while...all their livestock or more precisely their cows have been killed by this pack of dogs. The settlers were of course damn dumbfounded to know about this? Heck! Who wouldn't? These savage dogs have been mauling the cattle, especially the helpless calves. These culprits malicious offenses have really struck the settlers' nerves. And of course caused them dearly with deeper pockets. So far, some 80 cattle have died. OMG! Don't tell me all these 80 cattle were killed by the dogs?  The settlers' wallets bled profusely with an estimated losses of up to RM50k!

The poor cow! Yuckss!!!

Of course the residents there were terrified. Some 30 of them are staying home for fear of being set up by the canines and ended up as their meals. One settler, Zakaria Mat Noor, witnessed his calf being viciously attacked by the pack of dogs. Imagine the horror he felt back then? I can't believe this man! All this while I thought dogs are supposed to protect us and other animals? How come out of the sudden they are killing and eating the cows? Is there something wrong with them? Are they being screwed up? Or they are turning into one of those zombie dogs that we saw in the Resident Evil movies? Will we become their food one day?

I have a great idea! I don't we rescue the dogs on Pulau Tengah and replaced them with the killer dogs at Besut? Sounds like a great idea right? I wonder if SPCA will agree. Ha :D