Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Swine Vinci Code!

Has the code been broken? Why the deadly Swine Flu suddenly appear out of no where? WHO has raised the alarm to just one wee notch below the pandemic! Yeah! We are on LEVEL 5 right now! Our worst-feared pandemic is imminent! It all started 9 days ago. On the 25th of April, the dawn of a new epidemic has taken the world by surprised. It's like we have been ambushed by an unknown demon, lurching on us all this while. Now...all hell break lose! The disease has claimed 19 lives in Mexico so far and is spreading across Europe and Asia in lightning pace! And the worse has yet to arrive. The swine flu which has gripped us doesn't show any sign of abetting!

Graphic taken from The Star

So far, we Malaysians are pretty lucky because the "flying swines" haven't landed on our shores yet? But we shouldn't let our guards down, and of course we should cross our fingers that our fear would not materialise!

Will this be a possible "re-enactment" of the Nipah Virus that killed 105 lives in Malaysia a decade ago? I surely hope no. Hence I hope we could all do our parts to stop history from repeating itself. What's so lethal about this new Swine Flu or a.k.a H1N1? One thing for is a monster. Well...this new flu is a reassortment of several strains of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 that are actually found separately, in human, birds and of course pigs. In other words...mutation occurred. But do we really know what caused this devastating scourge? Is there someone responsible behind this latest recrudescence? Let's try to unlock this Swine Vinci Code, shall we?

Over the past decade, the world has witnessed the spread of deadly viruses. We have seen the Mad Cow Disease struck the world in the late 1986; Nipah virus shook Malaysia in 1998 with more than 100 lives lost; SARS occurred at around the same time US invade Iraq; the deadly bird flu spread its "wings" across Asia in 2004; and now the Swines jump onto the bandwagon to inflict more harm to us. Intriguingly, all these major un-predictable outbreaks tend to occur approximately the same time when we are facing some tough economic obstacles. Is it mere coincidence? Perhaps that's something fishy about all these outbreaks?

Here a few possible reasons why the Swine Flu has cropped out:

1~Gaia's Revenge?
Yes. Mother nature is so sick of us. For the past centuries, our achievements have brought her so much pain. No thanks to the escalating global warming problem. We are so consumed we ourselves that we forget the very reason why we are still here. Hence, Gaia is pulling the brakes on us-the ungrateful lots before the whole Earth is doomed. She made this so-called Swine Flu and tried to eradicate some of us as part of her final warning? Will we notice that?

2~Mexico's Government Backfired Plan?
Huh? What does this mean? The Mexican deliberately release these deadly virus in order to kill us? Partly correct. As we all have known, the mafias and drugs problems in Mexico have really gotten out of the authorities hands. Could the Swine Flu intended only to wipe off those drug rings? But obviously the Mexican attempt has failed and caused the world more trouble.

3~Leaked Experiment?
I'm sure many of us had watched the Resident Evil movies and the clones that has came along all. In those movies, most of the trouble originated from lab experiments. Scientists tried to create superhuman which could be used in the battlefield. Of course the "design" of this lethal weapon is still in its infancy. But somehow the viruses escaped and infected civilians or...they were released purposely? Makes me wonder...

4~Osama Bin Laden's Effort?
If this has happened after 911, a lot will straightly point their fingers at Osama! Why? Because tonnes of intelligence reports back then claimed that Osama will destroy US with their Biological Weapon! Could the Swine Flu be the latest attempt by Laden to destroy US? It appears that he had missed his target...awfully, and now the world has to pay the price? Hmm...I wonder if Obama has figured this out.

5~Non-Halal Advocates' Deeds?'s something a little sensitive. Was the Swine Flu virus released by those who hate pork? In order words, those who believe that swines or pigs are non-halal food which we should not consume. Hence they created this havoc to drive people away from eating pork? And of course they would want us to munch more chicken and beef! Again, this is just a hypothesis. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

6~The Evolution of Viruses?
As mentioned earlier, the Swine Flu or A H1N1 is the reassortment of 3 different types of virus strains found "exclusively" in birds, pigs and us-human! It appeared to me that these virus has became so potent that they could jump from one host to another? And then they merged up and conjured a "miracle" never seen before anywhere else to assault human. Will these mutation continue. I don't know...

Hmm...this could be the 7th reason! Ha :D

Ok, I believe that the Swine Vinci cryptext might has been solved. Just kidding! Anyway, for the time being we should all take care ourselves and don't let this malignant virus caught us off guard. Remember to take all the necessary precautions to save your own life and more importantly those around you. Take care everyone. :D

I really hope all this will come to an end!


Anonymous said...

There's a M'sian under quarantine..according to the news.

Tekkaus said...

Mei Ting-->Yeah! I have heard about it. It was in Penang correct? But still unconfirmed yet right?

JL said...

Yahoo news carried headlines like "swine flu outbreak in Mexico smaller than feared" a few days ago. While I do not fully trust international media about what they say, I certainly hope that that is the case - that this pig flu thingy is a whole hype created just to make people scared.

Got email one week ago telling me to buy "tamiflu" drug for pig flu - see where all this leads to? :D

Tekkaus said...

JL-->I surely it's a hype too. But it's better safe than sorry right? ha :D

What you received an email asking you to buy tamiflu? Be careful k. Don't get hooked. Ha :D