Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Malaysia's Streamyx Is A Sucking Succubus!

You can say by the title itself I'm one darn pissed off Streamyx user! It's been more than a year since I got connected through TM Net's Streamyx to the rest of the world. Yeah! Most Malaysians know that TM Net has been criticised locally on a range of issues. Maybe they didn't bother about it anymore. I have subscribed to Streamyx's 512Kbps package and I have to say that it doesn't deserve to be called braodband at all! It should be damn expensive narrow-band!

Streamyx is like a succubus!

Yeah! Streamyx is one Sucking Succubus! (A Succubus is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men, in dreams to have sexual intercourse, according to the medieval European legend.) The only thing Streamyx seems to care is to suck all the money from the customers without attentively listen to their customers' needs! Yeah! Streamyx is just like the succubus, seducing you with their attractive "appearance" and later sucks everything away from you!

Streamyx is good with gimmicks!

For the past few months, surfing the net through Streamyx is an excruciating experience. I'm not a heavy down-loader of movies or songs, hence I'm really baffled as to how slow the connection is even though my demands are of fundamental activities such as surfing, blogging etc. I actually have to wait a few minutes to access my emails. I have tried to contact the Streamyx customer service and it's impossible to get through! It's as if no one is there to attend to this obvious flaw.

All this while Streamyx subscribers have time and again complained about the insanely slow speeds and the lack of reliability of connections provided. However Steamyx’s terms states, like the other ISPs around the world, that "the service they provide is based on a best effort basis", meaning that connections are not guaranteed to perform at their advertised theoretical speeds. Heck! Then they shouldn't make that claims. Streamyx's also claims that the lower than advertised performance could be due to ageing copper lines, insufficient bandwidth, high contention ratios! But I believe it's a simple apathy due to a lack of competition.

A pathetic sight!

As mentioned earlier, I am a subscriber or Streamyx's 512 Kbps package. And the MAXIMUM download speed I could get is 51Kbps, a mere 10% of the ADVERTISED SPEED! Doesn't that sounds like the dinosaur's dial-up connection's speed to you? I'm utterly disappointed, perplexed and annoyed! It's like Streamyx is cheating on us.

In comparison, our neighbour Singapore has become the world's most wired nation with an unbelievable household broadband penetration of 99.9%. It is obvious the level of competitiveness happening in the broadband market in Singapore. Of course a few naysayers will attribute the high penetration rate to Singapore's tiny size, BUT really I believe it all boils down to their political will and clinical execution that has brought Singapore to that level.

I didn't make this banner! It wasn't me!

How about us, Malaysia? A disgraceful, shambolic, loathsome 21% of broadband penetration! And we want to be a developed country by year 2020? God help us.

Other countries with impressive household broadband penetration are South Korea (93%), Hong Kong (83.8%) and Taiwan (76.8%). Here's something noteworthy for us to ponder: back in 1996 when our Multimedia Super Corridor was first conceptualised, Malaysia was at par with South Korea and Taiwan in terms of broadband penetration rates. But today, we are miles behind of them. What went wrong? Easy, TM Net has been pampered and overly-protected by the government hence effectively inhibit any healthy competition.

And do you guys know that the broadband rates that we Malaysians are paying are amongst the highest in the world? Yeah! Do you think Streamyx really can't scale down the price to encourage penetration? NO! I don't think so. All in all, IMHO Streamyx just isn't ready to cut its lucrative profits obtained from victimizing all of us-the once gullible Malaysians! But not anymore! Enough said, I'd better control my anger before something bad happened.

P.S.: Hopefully P1Wimax and DiGi could land in Malacca as soon as possible! I can the "sight" of the Streamyx anymore! Arrgghhh.. :(

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