Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Want P1 WiMAX's Wriggling Wiggy Right Now!

P1 WiMAX USB dongle codenamed Wiggy, will be unveiled officially tomorrow. Yes! On the 10th of April! I've check with Packet One's website and it is teasing us with its "incomplete" jig-saw image of the their latest arsenal-Wiggy, complete with a countdown timer! I must say that the way they tease us is rather creative. Wiggy is seen as P1's trump card to dethrone Streamyx and at the same time an attempt to snatch away Celcom's and Maxis' customers. Still remember in my previous post, where I ruthlessly slammed Streamyx and branded them as a sucking succubus? So I'm really excited with P1's Wiggy, since it is more convenient to carry around this mini USB modem around.

Arrggghhhh....still 6 more hours to go!

Recently I heard from one of my friend that P1 WiMAX has landed in Tampin, Melaka. So I believe sooner or later (possibly a few weeks time) I could experience P1's service myself. Ouh my God! I really can't believe they are coming. Anyway...let us re-track ourselves and talk about the star of this post-Wiggy! Do you know what does WIGGY means? I've browse through my Oxford Dictionary and WIGGY simply means emotionally uncontrolled or weird. I'm not sure if the people in P1 know about this.

Wiggy has got the 3S! Slim, Sexy and Small!

This black beauty can be attached to your laptop and will allow you to surf anywhere, anytime as long there is WiMAX connection in touch. This dongle has been in works for more than a year (What???) as P1 wanted to ensure this wiggling modem could perform optimally. Wiggy comes with MIMO aka Multiple In, Multiple Out technology which uses numerous embedded antennas to provide better throughput and of course this would translate to better coverage and performance as well.

Now, that's one really small wiggling modem!

Wiggy is not only created to serve those road warriors with its minimalist design; it also doubles up as a fashion statement! Yeah! It could be your ultra-cool fashion accessory that you could hang around your neck. Not only it will make others' eyes green with envy, Wiggy will make you look cool without compromising its own performance. This modem has data transfer speeds of up to 10Mbps. Guess what? P1 might offer you this Wiggy bundled with a laptop of your choice soon. The netbook will be bundled with the P1 Wiggy and very likely is FREE with 2 years contract. But I'm still not sure about it.

What a sight!

It looks like a gem stone!

Currently P1 has around 20,000 subsribers and the company claimed that it is on target to achieve 35% WiMAX coverage of the population in the peninsular by the end of 2009. I'm darn sure that target is very well withing their reach if they continue their aggresive approach! Yesterday a few lucky bloggers (yeah! not the media and press) were invited to have a sneak preview of P1's Wiggy; and tomorrow (10th April 2009) Wiggy will be made public at the KLCC's PC Fair. So don't forget to be there to catch a glimpse of Wiggy!

This could be yours tomorrow!

P.S.: I still have to wait for their advent! P1 WiMAX!!! Tekkaus needs you ASAP! Please come and save me.


Unknown said...

hey tekkaus, how is maxis & celcom broadband ? do u think this p1 will suffer the fate of over subscription?

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Maxis and Celcom are using different technology which is 3G or HSPDA (3.5G); whereas WiMAX is using a different technology or spectrum! I believe it will not be affected by over-subscription! :D

JL said...

So your long-time wish is finally coming true Tekkaus xD.

One thing I can say about HSDPA/3G is the speed is not constant, unlike Wimax. Another thing is if you subscribe to HSDPA your house must be very near to the transmission tower if not the speed very lowya one. Besides Wimax is faster than 3G. The only thing better than Wimax is ADSL but unfortunately Streamyx isn't doing a good job.

Unknown said...

that sounds very good. can consider to get - but would like to hear more reviews too first hehe :)

Tekkaus said...

JL-->Yeah! Hopefully it will materialise. Yes 3G and HSPDA is not reliable. Streamyx has done very, very darn poorly! So it's time WiMAX dethrone them. =)

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Yupe! More review is needed to ensure it's really good. ;D

HappySurfer said...

Yes, they have been aggressively marketing this product with their mobile units all over KL. Sounds like a viable alternative for those without Streamyx connection.

Tekkaus said...

Happysurfer-->It sure sounds enticing huh! But we still have to watch out for the cost and activation fees etc. :D

Jys said...

wah, this looks really cool! I want! I want!

Tekkaus said...

Joyce-->Of course you can have it. have to fork out a lot initially lor! :D

LifeRamblings said...

streamyx sucks big time these days.

as for P1, i'm still puzzled over countless issues like speeds, capacity limit, services and charges. i'll kiv.

Tekkaus said...

Life Ramblings-->No doubt about it. Yeah! For p1 we still have to wait and see. :D