Monday, April 6, 2009

Google Finally Bestows PR4 To Tekkaus!

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First and foremost thanks to the folks in Mountain View for making this possible. The big brothers in Goggle finally decided to award Tekkaus the coveted PageRank4! Yeah! I've been waiting for this moment...for almost a year! Seriously, I didn't expect to move up the ladder as I am quite content with my previous PR3! I have been hoping to scale up the Google's PageRank ever since I obtained my PR3 back in last April! And I can vividly remember it was on the 30th of April 2008! Why not? After all this very date is kind off a milestone for me. *wink*:)

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Tekkaus is a PR4-certified blog? Pheww! Someone please hit me! I'm sure to some of you there's nothing to shout about! But to me, this is simply amazing. I reckon I had only realized about this "miracle" 2 days ago which is on the 4th of April! At first I doubted it, thinking it might be due to some "glitches", some "ghosting effects" from other blogs, some bug issues with the Google Toolbar or maybe...some belated April's Fool pranks from Google! Immediately I check my blog with a PageRank Checker, and the result is....POSITIVE! Tekkaus is officially a PR4 blog!

OMG! 2 days have gone and the sensation still haven't really sinks in yet. The tickles and tingles from having PR4 is really distinctive! Perhaps I never, ever thought this could happen. Well...not before I really build lots of quality back-links. All this while I thought it would be damn impossible to obtain such PR because it is really elusive and untouchable by a blog-commoners like me. Then again, I feel indebted for this sweet success. Thank you to all my readers for supporting me all this while. I'm grateful, truly I am! Without you guys, Tekkaus is nothing! Yes, without you I am ZERO! So, thanks for making me a HERO!

This is an old photo taken from my previous post!

And till today, I'm still going to stick with my own solution for PR-which is PublicRelation! Meaning that everything that I share with you guys, most of them have to be of good quality. Because I still believe that content is king! Maybe in the future I'm going to have another few projects, hopefully my mini milestone today will be a good leverage for my plans later on. Ha :D Anyway it's getting late right now. Hopefully this achievement will spur me into greater height!

Last but not least, thank you for loving Tekkaus!

P.S. Perhaps this time PR4 is only temporary, so if Tekkaus is demoted to PR3 or PR0 very soon I don't see why! Ha :) Anyway I just wanna relish this special moment!

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