Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now You Can Shower Your iPod!

I believe there have been lots of attempts to bring along your iPod into your hot, milky bathtub huh! But you wouldn't want to risk your precious, prized possesion! Too much is at stake, especially in the bath room right? Imagine the luxury your ears could saviour while you soak your naked body into the yummy, aroma therapeutic bath! Sounds like an irrisistable eargasmic experience? Hmm...You could take the risk! But just make sure you didn't accidentally (or purposely) spill water onto you iPod, not until Apple comes out with the water-resistant version of iPod! But fret not, your prayers have been answered by Dreams Japan!

Now how cool a bath could be right now?

Arigatou gozaimasu (aka thank you in Japanese) to the newly-launched Zumreed Drop speaker by Dreams Japan for this breathtaking innovation! Now, you can finally (or stylishly) bring your iPod into the shower or bath with you. Yep! Dreams come true huh especially if you are a hydrophilic who spend like forever pampering your body with lots of water! Now you can let your iPod swim around with the famous rubber Ducky!

Here's something so special about this novelty: the water resistant device (Yes! You can drown it!), was designed to look like a drop of water. Or a tear drop if you wish? Who's brilliant idea is this? Ok, this Drop can be detached in the middle which you can house your iPod and connect it to the built-in stereo mini jack, close it and VOILA you could listen Taylor Swift's Tear Drops On My Guitar on you Zumreed Drop! Hmm...sounds kinky! *wink* ;)

Zumreed Drop is compatible with almost all of the Apple's offsprings: from high-end 5G, photo and all the way to the mini! Here's how you control you iPod using the Drop; the music is controlled by the 4 white buttons (volume level, stop, playback, increase volume) placed around the bottom half of the device. Ok, here's something that I personally feel a huge letdown from Dream Japan. There's no integrated rechargeable battery. It requires 4 AA batteries which provides up to 10 hours of playback time. 10 hours? Ok, that's not so bad after all!

Hmm...the one on the left doesn't look like pink huh!

This baby comes in 3 different colours. They are liquid blue, pink and white! Which is your pick then? So are you a geek who wants hooking up to iPod into another different level (into the shower room~lar)? Or you are the type who just can't seems to be separated with your conjoined twin-iPod even if you take a shower? So here's the Drop that you should get! And you can only get it at AudioCubes.

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