Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Standard Chartered e$aver Account!

Lots of it!

I'm so sorry that I couldn't update this blog as often as I want to. Too many priorities popped up and forced me not to blog for I managed to steal some time from my "sleep" to doodle something for your viewing pleasure. This time around I would like to share with you guys what I have done a few weeks ago. Yes! Yes! The title itself suggest it's about an account right? To be more precise it's Standard Chartered e$aver Account! I actually had to visit the bank twice before I could open this savings account! Yep! TWICE! Glad I had nailed it!

So why on earth is this account so darn special? So much so I have to turn up twice to get it? For starters, it's because during my 1st visit to the was going to end its business. I vividly remembered it was around 3.45 p.m.! Crap! The banks actually close that early? Or was it because the staff wanted to go back early? Great, talking about incompetent! To make thing worse, there's only one Standard Chartered bank in Malacca. Duh! You guys must be wondering why I still want to knock on their doors right? Simple...

Flexibleeeeee-just like yoga???

Because Standard Chartered's e$aver Accounts offer what other banks couldn't or wouldn't! Yes, not even Maybank nor Public Bank has such savings account! And that's exactly what made this savings account so irresistible to me. Hey, the guys from SC (Standard Chartered) are really good at sweetening things up huh! This e$aver account offers the flexibility that none has right now. This e$aver is being championed as the ultimate savings account with the HIGHEST rate! For record: if you have tonnes of cold hard cash, you money could actually grow at a phenomenon rate of 3.5% per annum! Hey, that's more than what the FD could offer right now. It's like money falling from the sky-literally! Best of all, your cash are not shackled to the bank.

Now that's really something huh!

They say we should invest our hard-earned bucks prudently right? And I believe this savings account is the right one for me. Besides the unbelieveable interest rate this saving account could offer, e$aver could also provide me the liquidity that none other can. So kudos to SC for coming out with this brilliant plan, especially during this testing time! With e$aver, you can make your Ringgit grow faster with high daily interest of up to 3.5% p.a., that's 5X more interest than your usual savings account! So do you think this savings account suits you? My verdict: GO GET IT!!!

e$aver-the best thus far!

Anyway I have to sleep right now. Have lots of errands to do later on. Need to buy some perishable stuff such as , vegetables, meats, fish etc at the wet market! Meaning I have to wake up early. Then I am going to AmBank with my wife! *yawn* Nighty night everyone! :)

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