Monday, February 6, 2012

Ladies & Girls...Are Your Oranges Ready?

1, 2, 3....TOSSSSSSSSSSSS! Yes, toss those juicy oranges into the river! Why? Because today is Chap Goh Meh, or the 15th night of the lunar new year. So? For those uninitiated, today is D-day when the girls will find their one true love. Or what we used to believe. If you are a girl and still (desperately) looking for your Mr. Right, tonight you should get your oranges ready. Yes, not only today marks the end of our Chinese New Year celebration, but it also signifies the Chinese Valentine!

Yeah! Your hopes!!!

Traditionally, girls, ladies, women and old aunties would toss those oranges into a river or lake. Then they' guess...make a wish for that soul mate or aka husband to appear. The event, which falls on a full moon night, will see bachelors waiting (starving) in the river or lake to catch the oranges. The person who catches an orange thrown by the young woman in the river is said to be her intended husband! War...that means their fate is in the hand of an orange? So you'll see a pack of wolves...opps...I mean eligible bachelors with their nets ready tonight!

Tonight...your wait could be over...

And to make sure, their so-called potential life-partners would be able to contact them, many would write down their names and contact numbers on the oranges before tossing them into the lake where the eligible bachelors (preying horny guys) will be waiting with their enormous fishing nets in hand to scoop up those fruits! Ha :D For additional fun, other fruit such as bananas are also tossed into the lake! How about durians?

Your search for happy ending?

These days, the tradition is carried out in the spirit of fun with several organizations hosting these oranges-throwing event in Malaysia! I bet they are the orange suppliers huh! Just kidding. So ladies~prepare your boxes of oranges; Men~prepare you nets to scoop up the oranges. Don't miss this golden opportunity to end your single-hood ok. I hope you will be able to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right and will end up happily ever after.

P.S.: Anyway girls & ladies, please be careful okay. You'll never know who you'll meet. Just don't put yourself in a risky situation. Patience my friends, is a virtue.

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