Thursday, February 26, 2009

34,680 Applied For This Best-est Job!

Yes. A staggering 34, 680 applied for the 'best job in the world'! Perhaps you have heard about it right? I am so tempted to send my "resume" to apply for this job too IF...I'm single and alone. *no pun intended* Tens of thousands of people from more than 200 countries have applied for the so-called "the best-est job in the world". And what is so damm good about this job? Literally speaking, your main job portfolio is to bum around! Exactly-being paid to loll about on an Australian island!

Too bad! The application is over!

A late rush of more than 7,500 applications over the last weekend brought the total number of people hoping to become the "caretaker" or steward of tropical Hamilton Island on Great Barrier Reef to 34,684, the Queensland state government said. The deadline for applications was midnight, local time last Sunday! Too bad if you didn't apply for it! Perhaps it's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of golden opportunity! Hey, even I'm so freaking tempted to get this dream job! What say you?

Aww...I don't mind spending my 6 months here!

Certainly this had been a phenomenal response and more than what the Queensland Tourism Chief-Anthony Hayes expected! Of course, the current global economy surely helped a lot right? The most interest came from US (as expected) with 11,565 applicants, followed by Canada with 2,791, Britain with 2,262 and Australia with 2,064. come the Aussies are not as excited as the others? Among the latest applications were Dean Martin's son Ricci and a Barack Obama impersonator looking for a change of job! Rough time isn't it?

Hey, I can do that!

Candidates had to submit a video application in English of up to one minute explaining why they are uniquely qualified for the post. So basically those camwhores will excel in this part. Here comes the best part: the job pays A$150,000 (RM356,450) and includes free airfare from the successful candidate's home country to the island of white sands and clear water! Sounds like a dream job indeed! But there's a simple catch-this job will only last for 6 months! Meaning you'll be jobless again after that! Heck! Who cares right?

You are so right, mate!

In return, the lucky winner will be expected to have as much fun as he/she can enjoy soaking up the blistering sun, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and to report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photos and videos! Hey, that sounds easy! It's like what some people do every day right? The successful candidate, who will reside in a multimillion-dollar 3-bedroom beach house must be over 18, a "fantastic and charismatic" communicator and able to speak and write English! Is this your dream job? Wanna know more about this best job in the world? Click here.

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