Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Have To Study To Succeed!

As you guys knew I had already penned down my name and officially dissociated from my ex-company! *sob* :'( That took place...approximately 20 days ago (24th November). I wanted to stay; my heart was shackled...But I knew I have to move on. Although the former can provide me better career advancement and lots of cold hard cash; the latter can offer me the lifestyle that I have always wanted. But at the same time, the new job I took up will be quite a gargantuan task! Yes, right now I am a ...(find out in the next episode)...

It's a mad, mad world!

Right now...I am studying like mad. I can't believe it.To me, what is happening right now is so incredulous. Barely 6 months after my last examination, I'll be sitting for my next exam paper tomorrow (Sunday). Darn! And the worst part is, I have to stomach everything in my mother tongue-Chinese (which I am very weak at) and I wonder how I can "vomit" everything out tomorrow morning. Haha :D But the exam is important as part of the prerequisite for the diploma certification that I'm pursuing; in turn that cert will be a recognition for my profession.

My text books & The Magic Paintbrush CD!

Ok, I gotta go now. There are still like...300 pages more to go. YES, 300 PAGES stuffed with thousands (maybe millions) if Chinese Characters. Confucius save me! Although I suck in Chinese but it's still an integral part of who I am today. Anyway, I have to study right now, if not I have to burn the midnight oil again. Study! Study! Study!

War, even Confucius have "Manglish" slang huh?

Study! Study! Study!

Study! Study! Study!


By the way this is of the songs taken from the CD given by Dr. Kenneth Lyen. Yes, I received this pleasant surprise from him weeks ago. A Christmas gift perhaps. Ha :D And special thanks to Quachee for giving me the opportunity to "win" this wonderful CD. I am very grateful to both of them for their generosity. Seriously I found the songs are inspiring especially the one you are listening right now. It's a great motivation for those who is studying!

I'm grateful, truly I am!

Study! Study! Study!

Study To Succeed!


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Good luck to you in your exam! : )

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Thank you both of you! =)