Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exam, Maybank Visa Debit Card & CIMB Islamic MaxInvest

Hie guys, I've just woke up from my deep afternoon slumber. This power nap is one very rare occasion for me because it's been months since I last had a good rest. Earlier this morning I went to my exam which started from 10a.m. You see, I didn't sleep for the whole day preparing for the exam. What can I do? I have to study 300 pages in 5 days and sit for the exam today. Thank goodness I managed to pull it through and everything ended at noon just now. Yeah! Finally today I have a breather. It's been raining cats and dogs today. Some rain is good but too much of it...could wreak havoc in a lot people what happened in Bukit Antarabangsa? *sob* :'(

Is this an omen?

Last Thursday I went to Maybank to change my Maybank Kawanku to the new Visa Debit Card. Actually I just did it for fun rather than for pragmatic purpose. I could Well, Maybank claimed that this new card enable to us to shop at over 29 VISA merchants locations worldwide. Yeah right? I tried to link it with my Paypal account...but to no avail! That denotes I can't withdraw the cash in my Paypal yet. Perhaps I should apply for a credit card! And yeah! One more thing: RM10 will be charged for changing your good-old Kawanku to the new Maybank card. Darn!

An overview of the "NEW~~" Maybank card!

After wasting my RM10 at Maybank, I traveled 10 kilometres to my next destination-CIMB! Then I proceeded to the customer service and asked about Max InvestSave PSSIA-i! But did you know what response I received from the staff? They told me they didn't know bout this new financial product since it's still new. Then I have to wait about 2 hours to get everything done. YES! 2 HOURS! CIMB should address this issue asap! *shook head* =( Well, maybe I complained too much. But I have my very own reason~mah: I choosed this latest investment product from CIMB since it offered me lots of flexibility:

~Deposit any amount, any time (in multiples of RM50).
~Withdraw any amount, any time at the market price.
~No penalty will be charged upon early withdrawal.
~Redeem in part or in full (minimum 0.01 units).
~Choose from tenures of 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Now, here's more enticing about this Max InvestSave! Let's assume that:

~Contribute RM100 every month until 5 years before maturity.
~Receive Bonus Units for the first year of tenure.
~Do not make an Early Redemption during the tenure.

Here's what you could enjoy with Max InvestSave!

P.S.: But well...that's what CIMB assumed lar...don't forget to read to fine print and T&C ok. Click here to find out more.

Look! My apple tree and cheeky cherry card!

It's still raining here. Just hope that it will stop as soon as possible. I don't want history to repeat itself yet again. But my worries are not unfounded of course. With the east cost of peninsular Malaysia badly hit by rains and floods...I really hope God receive my prayers. 2 years ago, my dad, late mum and I had to seek refuge as the flood invaded our home. Well, that was 2 years ago...Gotta go guys. I still have class tomorrow. *wink* ;)


Anonymous said...

Yup, MBB DC not accpeted by PayPal and for online transaction as MBB does not allow that... yet... You can use Public Bank Visa Electron or Tune Money (I tested both already) and some people claimed that Al-Rajhi debit can be used as well....

foongpc said...

Guess what? When I went to Maybank to change my Kawanku to Visa Debit Card (also for fun just like you, Haha!) I asked them about Paypal and can I withdraw money from Paypal using this visa debit card. You know what the lady in charge answered? She asked me what is Paypal! OMG! I spent the next few minutes explaining it to her but she said she had never heard of such thing and she is pretty sure the card cannot be used to withdraw money from Paypal.

Papabear is correct - only Public Bank visa electron and Al-Rajhi debit card can be used to withdraw money from Paypal.

foongpc said...

Hey, this CIMB Max InvestSave sounds good, but what is the min initial deposit? Is it just RM50 and you can top up with min RM50 any time you like? The returns are better than putting in a Fixed Deposit, but is there any catch? When the promotional period ends? I also want to invest!

So silly for the bank staffs not to know the products just because it's new. Don't they train the staffs before launching a new product? Lousy service!!

HappySurfer said...

Did you guys invest in the latest amanah saham for non-bumis? I think it was open from Dec 1 to Dec 7 and $10K max per person.

T, thanks for sharing the CIMB new product and good luck with yr exams.

Not many bank employees know enough (or not at all) about Paypal, which is shocking and not helpful.

Tekkaus said...

Papabear-->Yeah! But why MBB doesn't allow? Tunemoney sounds good. How is it papabear? =)

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Haha =) You went to change it just like me. We guys love the fun of changing things right? But too bad have to be charged.

It seems that a lot is still oblivious about paypal? It shouldn't be right since they are in the banking industry! =(

Yeah! Only minimum investment of RM50. Not bad right? =) I don't think there will be any promotional period.

Yeah! CIMB really should have train their staff before they launch any new products. I wasted 2 hours waiting for them... =(

Tekkaus said...

Happysurfers-->I tried...but all had gone even before the period end. =(

Yeah! A lot didn't know about paypal huh. =)

Unknown said...

heya tekkaus, for investment products, be very careful.

i dont particularly buy endownment type of insurance, but i assume yrs is a unit trust? :)

Anonymous said...

Cards+spending, no good! And I only keep my money in FD, never mind the low returns, very wary of all those macam2. That's why can never become rich! LOL!!! Hope u did well in ur exams.

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Yeah! Have to really be careful o. =) Hmm...I'm not sure what is mine as I'm still a newbie here. Ha =)

Situapui-->Thanks. Yeah! Have to be really careful lor. But still have to invest during these bad times right? =)