Wednesday, December 24, 2008

3 Secrets I Want This Christmas!

Everyone have their very own secrets right? Who didn't? Each of us have our own lair deep in our heart where our deepest and perhaps darkest secrets are kept. Or maybe that long and overdue desired fantasies waiting to be fulfilled? Something that are hidden, concealed, camouflaged, disguised, unnoticeable, invisible and inconspicuous to the eyes of 0thers. All wrapped up by our flesh and incarcerated by our crafty mind. So how long and how good can you keep your secret from someone? Or you always frequent PostSecret to show off the skeleton in your closet? Well today in the spirit of Noel (what?), I'm gonna let you know mine...

I...didn't said Victoria's Secrets right? :/

Behold...the 3 Secrets that I yearn for this Christmas. It might be weird but well, after all this is my Christmas wish(es) right? They are...

The Secret...that will change your life!

Yes, perhaps a lot of you have read the book. I do have a copy of the book but it's a Chinese version which I hardly could apprehend. Hopefully Santa can get me one this Christmas. In The Secret, author Rhonda Byrne explains with simplicity, the law that is governing all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to create - intentionally and effortlessly - a joyful life. Sounds presumptuous huh! But I really wanna get my hands on this book, and uncover what Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Napoleon, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, and Carnegie knew...perhaps santa read this too?

LG's Secret...simply mesmerizing...

Damm seducing! I have always wanted to change my old phone but I feel it's rather unnecessary right now. But if santa can drop this Secret on my table tomorrow I would be more than grateful! This sabre slim beauty packs in a 5-MegaPixel camera, as well as a Touch Media function. Besides that, there is also Bluetooth support which claims to have autosync capabilities. What's more? Here you go: Neon Touch Navigation, SmartLight, Auto Luminance Control, Voice Clarity, Movie Maker, Google Maps, YouTube Videos, Gmail and the plethora of list go on. Its look alone makes it a compelling must have! Santa thank you in advance! *wink* ;)

Jay's Secret is simply breathtaking!

And...lastly...I watched this movie several times. No joke! And I must say it completely blew me apart. The story is so out-of-the box and twisted that it took me by surprise. I have never thought that Jay Chou could produce such an excellent story. Perhaps I have never watch any movies with such kink; then again it could be due to my low expectation for the movie. All in all, I really enjoyed this heartening love story...and it is easily Jay Chou's best movie to date. It makes me realized how blessed I am to be in love with woman of my life. This secret truly inspires me! I would be more than happy to watch this Secret again!

Dearest~santa, I believe this list of mine is rather short right? Just 3 only~mah! Besides I have been a very good boy this year besides the occasional mischiefs...And yeah, I also eat all my vegetables. So don't forget to get me these 3 secrets ok? I promise I won't tell anyone about this. *whisper* It's our secret. ;)

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