Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Website That Evokes My Pearly Memories

Almost every girl love pearl right? I love it too for different reason though. So what makes some of us (especially the ladies) so passionate about pearls? Some see it as a status symbol; some mesmerized by its beauty and allure...and some simply became attached to pearls just by reading a novel. Yes, in my case...a novel titled The Pearl which I read in my secondary years. This story revolves around a large pearl that had brought hope for a poverty-stricken family. But this "pearl-of-the-world" became a double-edge sword when the baby in the family got killed because of it. A poignant novel I have to say. And it does keep me pondering what people will do to get their hands on pearl...

My pearly memories...

Recently I stumbled upon this website that really evokes all my pearly memories about the novel. Enter-Classical Jewelry. At here, you can find all the pearl jewelries that you have ever dream of. I must say that after reviewing all the showcased pearls, the prices are relatively affordable (or cheap to be more precise). So now everyone can have their own genuine pearl(s) right? Today let us look at what this website has got to offer. Who knows after this you might even want to add a few of these pearls into your jewelry collections. *wink* ;)

Here's a snippet of Classical Jewelry's website.

All the pearls are of 100% Genuine. Patricia, the graduate Gemologist can back this up! And if you still doubt its quality, you can always send back the jewelry for your FULL refund as every purchase come with a guarantee that lasts 1 year from date of purchase. Besides saltwater and freshwater pearls you can also find the famed Akoya Pearls here. Pearl lovers know that Japanese Akoya pearls have been recognised as the hallmark of classic quality and grace . So you might want to look out for it. Basically you can find 3 categories of pearl jewelry available at here:

1~Pearls Necklaces
2~Pearls Bracelets
3~Pearl Earrings

Which is your pick?

According to this website, every pearl is hand-picked and hand-knotted with care and are appraised by a IGI Graduate Gemologist for your piece of mind. And it even comes with Lowest Price Guarantee: That is if you find the same product at a lower price somewhere else in the internet, they'll refund you the difference. That surely boost up your confidence right? Best of all, there's no strings attached and no hidden fees. Every order that you make comes with free shipping regardless of the jewelry price. Good, no "shipping-discrimination" huh! You can even get your very own Pearl Bracelet plus shipping to your doorstep from as low as $25!!! Isn't that a bargain?

Personally, I love the Akoya Pearl Necklace. It really captivated both my eyes and heart. But of course It's not for me. I will buy it for my wife one day (...when I have enough money)! So why out of all the collections, I would prefer the Akoya Pearl Necklace? Simple: as mentioned earlier it's the hallmark of pearls. So if I were to get something for my wife, it surely has to be the best right? This Akoya Pearl necklace exudes that aura of elegance and grace which certainly add its owner dimension. Ladies who put on this necklace will feel the sophistication and suaveness that it emanates. The ladies will understand of course. *quipped* =)

My choice-The Akoya Pearl Necklace!!!

So if you are looking for pearls jewelry either to pamper yourself or to give it as a present to your wife or special someone, look no further. Classical Jewelry is the answer and it won't break your bank either. Click here to find out more. Happy pearl-hunting! :D

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