Monday, October 6, 2008

My 1st Blogging Prize-50+1 Malaysia Book

~Thank you postman~

I was sound asleep when I heard someone was sounding the horn. I ignored it thinking it was not my call. But then the horns persisted for quite a while. Unwillingly, I stood up and there he was, dressing in blue uniform riding on the iconic red bike. Who he is-he is Spiderman....nah, he is Mr. Postman! After signing some documents, he handed me an envelope. And I knew it is what I have been waiting for-the 50+1 Malaysia Book. Just as promised by Quachee, I got my copy this morning! Boy am I excited. In fact, I couldn't wait to rip apart the envelope once it fell on my hands.

Open sesame...

I kept my composure, slowly and softly I cut open the envelope. Inside, there's the legendary 50+1 Malaysia book and an official letter from Quachee. I am utterly wonderstruck to have a close view on this book. All this while, there's only the front page to look upon. But today I'm wholeheartedly mesmerized by 50+1 Malaysia book. Everything about it is perfect. The size is ideal...the contents are sublime...the snaps are simply gorgeous. Heck, even the quality of the papers are fantabulous! Glossy and really felt good on my hands. And I reckon the book is better than Reader's Digest! Want to touch it? Get yours. LOL *wink* ;)

Before & After

The book comprises of 7 "epochs". Starting with "Truly Malaysian", followed by the un-omitable "Food", "Place To Visit", "Things To Do", "Festival and Events", "Malaysians" and last but not least "Love Expressions"! There's the furthest I can possibly reveal. If not I'll be killed by Quachee (pun intended). Here's the sneak peak of it.

Here's the blurry sneak peak...
nothing beat the real thing right?

If you are not reading this book, you are really missing out on something great especially if you are a Malaysian! There're 2 ways to get your hands on this book. 1st you can buy it of course. The second route is easier and it won't cost you a penny. All you have to do is write what you like about Malaysia in your blog or website. Easy right? Even I can do it. So click here to learn more. Don't wait too long, because the giveaways are limited!

Malaysia Boleh!

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