Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Malaysians: 60% Indolent+50% Obese

Or dormant if you prefer. Yes, according to Malaysia's Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai 3 days ago...every 6 in 10 Malaysians are physically inactive and thus is contributing modern diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease cases to spike! This surely does not bode well for us. 60% is a very enormous figure. Wow, that's more than half of the Malaysians' population. Something must have gone wrong huh. But the Malaysian government has done "tonnes"of promotions to get us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Obviously the masterplan failed to be executed fully. So who's to blame now?

50++ Inches?

60% only referred to those who are idle. But do you a staggering 49.1% of adults are obese. Meaning almost half the adult populations are of plus size! According to Wiki, the presence of risk factors and diseases associated with obesity are also used to establish a clinical diagnosis. Coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea are possible complications that would indicate a need to commence or intensify treatment for obesity. Smoking, high blood pressure, age and family history are other risk factors that, in combination with obesity, may indicate an additional reason for treatment.

Even babies are growing really BIG too!

And I myself have became rather apathetic. This new job of mine is like a shackle that made me totally cut off from my active lifestyle. You see, I have been the outdoor type since I am still a toddler. The toys that my parents bought me all are of swords and guns. No books at all. Not even one. And later on I picked up badminton, basketball and football. I even represented my school in basketball, softball and athletics. Well...those were the days...now I feel like a total slack. And I can see my waist number is increasing in size. Ha =)

So guys...I know it's hard to be the same-old active you when you are now in the working world. But do find some time to sweat a little. If not you'll add up to the 49.1% of obese adults in Malaysia. Don't worry, in the future I'll share with you more about active lifestyle! So let's get it started! Stay fit! *wink* ;)


Anonymous said...

As much as the big baby's really cute and sweet-looking, indeed obesity is not a laughing matter! Ppl should eat wisely and exercise regularly.

foongpc said...

It's hard not to get fat when we have access to food 24 hours a day. And Malaysian food is one of the best in the world! So it's all up to us to control ourselves and do lots and lots of exercise! : )

Tekkaus said...

my bug life-->Yes. Chubby babies are nice to cuddle but...well...he/she won't be cute anymore if he's too chubby right? Start your children young. =)

Foongpc-->Yeah! The so-called 24 hour MacD, Mamaks and 7-11 surely helped a lot right? =)

Unknown said...

time to hit the gym - hard huh, but with so much good food, think we got no choice haha :)

Tekkaus said...

Quachee-->Yeah! It's hard to resist those food and gyms always seems too far although it's actually quite near. Ha =)

Anonymous said...

Aiyor!!! Why u so like dat one? Post my photo (1st one)!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

Tekkaus said...

Situapui-->SOrry lor. Should have ask you 1st hoh! Haha =) You got so tua pui meh?

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