Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How To Create Your Own Newspaper Headlines

Well, ever wonder how to create newspaper headlines and insert in in your blog or website? No doubt that it is a very nice way to decorate articles or blog posts is to add customized pictures of them right? You can do this if you are good with Photoshop. But even the expert will get tired too right? So for them who seek for an alternative, look no further. Try Fodey's The Newspaper Clipping Generator. This tool allows you to customize name of the newspaper, date, the headlines and the text that will appear on the article. The outcome isone darn realistic image as seen below. Check out my Tekkaus Daily below. It's about my yesterday's post-My 1st Blogging Prize-50+1 Malaysia Book. Come read my newspaper!

So how do you find my Tekkaus Daily? Cool right? You can create you very own too. Click here. Enjoy tyring out the tool. *wink* ;)

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