Thursday, September 18, 2008

Money Not Enough Too?

All because of US3*!!!

After the stampede that occurred in Pasuran, where at least 21 were killed for US$3.2 or RM11...It's obvious that money plays a very, very important part in our lives-perhaps it's fair to say that money plays a too far-reaching part in the lives of too many people. Though it is some what wrong, we do tend to equate success with money and think that every single problem can be solved if we only have more money. But even the rich have money problems that we did not notice. So financial independence is not a question of how much you have but how well we manage our assets.

Too many bills?

Today's consumer culture coupled, inflation plus the increasing fuel price make it hard for us to live with just what we have. Things are different 30 years ago, or maybe 20 or 15 years ago before the global economic recessions. Nowadays it's hard not to get into debt when credit schemes are so easily available and advertisements are reaching out for consumers to buy, buy and buy.

Are you saving enough in your piggy?

We Malaysians too, have this tendency to spend lavishly on festivities and weddings in order to "look good"in the eyes of others. In other words, not to "lose face". Sometimes people get too impatient to see our money "mushroom" and so we fall prey to all sorts of get-rick-quick schemes, scratch and win contest etc.

Credit card: Before and After

It's undeniable that we consumers need to be educated or at least "enlightened" about money. We need a general guide on how to manage and handle our money in a more rational manner, to know our rights and to avoid being cheated. With the current uncertainty in the global economy, we need to know about wide range of financial and monetary matters relevant to budgeting for our family, on how and where to save, shopping tips, buying cars, hire purchase etc.

Many of us find it hard it hard to live within their means. There are so many temptations, so many tricks used by industry to make us part with our hard-earned money. So we should learn on how to budget and live within our means, and ultimately become a smart spender!

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Unknown said...

nice one. ya, money always no enough for most no matter how much they earn (small or big). i guess many dont know how to spend their monies.

but in a way, spending monies is good for a country. it helps the economy. just dont go overboard. :)

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! If there's no consumer spending, this will not bode well for our country as a whole. We just have to be a smart spender lor. =)