Thursday, September 4, 2008

Malaysia: I Will Always Love You!

I know the moment I wake up, I could feel the warmth of the sun rays beating against my face. I could feel the sultry beams with my eyelids closed and the daybreak breeze caressing my face making me rather slothful. Not many places in this world lets you enjoy such privileges. It's been so long and overdue since I wanted to write something about our roots-Malaysia.

Just woke up!

Let's start with the seeds...You great-grandaparents hailed from Hainan, the smallest province in China. Upon reaching Malaya, they made a living by catching fish and planting some vegetables. Decades later my late grandparents moved in our present "mother home" (or rumah abu) in Tengkera, Melaka. And by the way, my late grandmother was a nyonya. So I'm partially you can call me a Baba too. Ha =)

Malacca-The Historical City!

I'm sure glad that I am living in Malacca. I'm a kampung boy! Although I love technologies, I don't really like the hustle and bustle of the city. The hectic life in "uptown" such as KL suffocates me and really makes me look like a snail. IMHO haste is simply a waste. I've always been the outdoor type since I'm still a weakling toddler. I would run up and down, here and there-playing the whole day in my kampung.

Breakfast anyone?
I could still remember vividly when I was small, dad and mom would bring me to the mamak stalls to have breakfast. Since I'm the youngest child (anak bongsu), I have always been closer to my dad. Dad and mom would always order a piece of roti canai plus susu (milk) for me. They would sliced the roti canai into smaller pieces so that I won't get choked. Ha =) While I am happily munching my roti canai scattered with sugar, dad would be puffing away his Dunhill and chatting with the other Pak Ciks.

After satifying my tummy, of course I have to start "working"-playing lor. I would gather up with my cousins and friends. Yes, I have always love the sands. We would play hide-and-seek, hantu galah, gasing, guli, rubber-band pistol, teng-teng, congkak, kites...Well you name it. After the whole morning "labouring" tiredlessly, we would have a break-ice ball. Yes, ice balls filled with lots of red beans inside of it. We also love to eat putu mayang so much. It's cheap and darn delicious. The brown sugars and coconut shreds really makes me hungry. Then we would continue by playing cops and thieves. When it's the windy season, we would catch colorful spiders to duel with each other; then when the raining season is here I would normally follow my uncles to "hunt" for guppies in the longkang. I sure miss those good old days when everything seems to be smaller and slower.

Did you guys know that my mother tounge is not Chinese? Yes, the first language that I spoke is Malay. My first chinese word only came around when I was 5 years old. In fact, most of my friends in kampung are Malays. That's why I would say that I can converse in flawless (almost) Malay. Sometimes if I do not utter any words, others would mistakenly thought that I'm a Malay, Chindian and even Sabahan. Believe me, I do get that a lot. But I am not a Chinese, I am a Malaysian.

I'm sure all of us have heard this before: Malaysia, truly Asia! I totally, absolutely, entirely, utterly agree with this statement. In fact, it is the truth. Malaysia is such a diverse country comprising of so many different cultures and beliefs. There's Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai...well too much to fit in. Rest assure, being a Malaysian means there's tonnes of festivals waiting for you to celebrate. And needless to say...tonnes of mouth watering food waiting for you to be devoured. During Hari Raya, I could sink my fangs into those delicious ketupat and rendang; likewise Deepavali would remind me of those finger-licking mutton curry and roti jala. But most of all, I love Chinese New Year. Why? It's because there's lots of ang pao, firecrackers, gambling nad lion dances going around. It's like the time of the year for me.

Honestly, Malaysia is perfect and safe for everyone. Besides the occasional tremors and flash floods, we don't really have too much natural disasters. Malaysia is more peaceful compared to other countries. With its lavish and rich backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, Malaysia is certainly one of the best place to live in this Whole Wide World, if not the best. And of course, your taste buds will be so delighted to saviour the assorted, untold cuisines and delicacies that is only valid in Malaysia.

Hmm...talking about food, I'm starting to feel rather "malnourished"! I could smell the Ipoh White Coffee from here. Perhaps a hearty Nasi Lemak will be perfect.  Cendol would be a great appetizer. Rendang and sotong will the ideal side dishes. As for "refresher"-2 pieces of putu piring will be just nice. And not to forget, our favourite teh tariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!

Malaysia I LOVE You!

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