Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jack Neo's Best Yet-Money Not Enough 2

I'm not the 1st person to write about this film, but I'm surely not gonna be the last to doodle about Money Not Enough 2. 10 years ago, we have "Money Not Enough" which is still Singapore's biggest box-office hit with a yet to be surpassed S$5.8 million to its name. So will this sequel be able to bettered its predecessor record? It surely have my vote though. This movie aim to address what we are currently facing right now-the pursuit of money and happiness! A lot of time happiness is measured with money. I have to admit it is correct to some extend. Watch the movie and you'll understand!

The outstanding casts!

A few weeks ago I went with my wife to watch this movie. At first we wanted to catch Babylon A.D. But we somehow missed it. So we were "forced" to watch Money Not Enough 2! I don't expect anything though. Nothing more than some laughs. But as the movie dwelled deeper and deeper towards the end, I have to say that I got more than what I had bargained for. To me, it is the best ever film ever rolled out by Jack Neo!

During the good times

This movie revolves around 3 brothers from middle-income background. 3 brothers portrays different income groups with the eldest Yang Bao Hui (by Henry Thia) represents the lower income group; 2nd brother Yao Bao Qiang (by Jack Neo himself) a successful business owner; and the youngest Yao Bao Huang (by Mark Lee)-the ordinary middle-income working class guy. This movie marks the rise and fall of the 3 brothers. A twisted rags to riches and to rags again kind of movie.

Down during the bad times...

And I have to give a standing ovation to the 3 brothers' mom played by "Lai Ming" (I couldn't find the correct name). Her acting were simply flawless I have to say. She bring in a lot of substance which is much needed by the movie. And without her, this movie will come out short of something! Money Not Enough 2 showed that it's easy to be filial during the good times, but when things take a dip no one really want to shoulder the responsibility of taking care a sick mother. I have to say that this movie really, really touch the deepest recesses of my soul. Perhaps it depicts an extension of my feeling right now. My tears stream down when I watched how a mother unconditionally love and care for her children even though when she is dying! *sob! sob!*

Watch the trailer! =)

So if you are in for the CGI or stunts, then you'll be disappointed. Because there will be nothing to fancy your candy eyes on in Money Not Enough 2. But this movie will worth every penny that you fork out. It is a family themed movie with lots to offer emotionally and of course lots of laughters to "break your stomach". Watch it and you won't regret it. =)

Watch a mother's unconditional love!


Unknown said...

Tekkaus, lu jia pa boey?

Tekkaus said...

Haha! Jia Pao Lo! That's an excerps from the movie. You watch it too huh! :)

foongpc said...

Haven't watch this show yet! Is it still showing at the cinemas? Maybe can watch it next week during Raya holidays. Too busy this week!
Btw, do drop by my blog. Your name is mnetioned in my post : )

Unknown said...

heya did watch it too.. though i didnt quite enjoy haha. heya did you see the crowd at the 'no erp' part? look closely hehe

Tekkaus said...

foongpc-->You should watch. I thing yes. it is still the no 1 movie in Malaysia. Ha =)

Quachee-->You watched it too. Ha =) Because it's CGI heh?

Unknown said...

hi foongpc, no lah, not the cgi...

ull actually see a 'quachee' in it. lol. :)

here, a post i did on the productions:

Unknown said...

oops, sorry, tekkaus, the msg was meant to u. got mixed up - thought it was foongpc who asked the question. hhaa

foongpc said...

Tekkaus, I went to watch this movie yesterday. OMG, it's one of the best movie I've ever seen! Thanks for the recommendation!

First time I see movie with so much tears flowing from my eyes, not just from crying but from laughing! It's very entertaining and touching at the same time. Jack Neo is definitely a genius!

Henry Thia makes me laugh all the time! It's so funny in one court scene when he's asked his IC number and he could not speak out in English but when allowed to say in Hokkien, he shot the numbers out within 1 second.

Another funny scene is when Lai Meng ask if he has eaten so many times (I can't remember how many times) but I laughed until my tears rolled out!

And of course the songs that were sung during those sad moments - I could not take it - so sad!!

But didn't see QuaChee in it! Thinking of getting the DVD and watch it a second time : )

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->It's a great movie right? I'm still thinking about it till today. It makes me miss my mum a lot. QuaChee is in it? The name? Ha =)