Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have Your Zodiac Date Slipped?

"So...what's your star sign?" There were times when we used to ask our friends about their zodiac right? And just when you thought this conversation starter has become rather cliched, it turns out we've all been living under the wrong sign for years. Yes, the zodiac books that we've been reading might not even suit us anymore, and worse it could even misled those who are staunch believers of zodiac! I know a few friends who actually live by the book, some of them even do what the book recommend them to. Are you one of them? Perhaps it's time to part with your own zodiac sign...

You see our sign is determined from the sun's position relative to other constellations (typically stars forming a visible figures or picture), measured from our earthly viewpoint. The sun resides in a different constellation each month. The very astrologers drafted our current zodiac system 2200 years ago, but a gradual shift in the Earth's rotational axis over the last millennia-called precession-has re-aligned the stars since then. This shift has caused the zodiac dates to have slipped by almost a month. Meaning our real sign could now be different! Wait, so now I'm not a Gemini anymore? Yes, now I'm a Cancer! Sounds bad to me. :(

So we can't believe in horoscope anymore?

Here's more: for those who were born between November 29 and December 17, you actually belong to a whole new sign: Ophiucus! It's the 13th sign! No kidding. Of the 13 zodiacal constellations (constellations that contain the Sun during the course of the year), Ophiuchus is the only one not counted as an astrological sign. So now they might revised and include Ophiuchus in the zodiacs? Wow! This is truly mind-bobbling to me. So who amongst you are Ophiucus?

Ophiuchus-aka Serpentarius!
He's holding a snake.


Unknown said...

wow, my first time hearing about this... where is the link for the new signs? :)

Tekkaus said...

Just type Ophiucus in wiki and you can find it. Surprised right? So am I leh. I didn't believe it at 1st. LOL =) anyway thanks for dropping by.