Sunday, September 21, 2008

For All The Single Mothers In The World

After reading Molly's Life Is Precious, I have this strong urge to write something for single mothers. Yes, I would like to dedicate this post to all the single mothers in this world. It's already demanding to be a woman what more a mother. A mother actually have to sacrifice her very own life just to bring a newborn into this world. The 8 to 9 months of carrying a baby (or babies) is nothing fun and is very, very wearying! And it's more daunting to be a single mother who have to take care of the whole family because the bread winner is no longer "available". A lot of time, single mothers feel very alone.

Mommy will always hold you!

So, to all single mothers...your struggles are not unnoticed. Although I will never, ever understand how you feel, BUT I sincerely empathize with what you have to go through especially those women who were "left behind" by their irresponsible husband. Some are lucky enough to have family's support when these unfortunate events occurred...but others are not so blessed. These pitiful ladies have to work day-in-day-out and at the same time take care of the children plus house chores. The sounds of it already denotes it is something very arduous.

Mommy will do anything to see you smile

To all the single mothers' children, be grateful and proud that you have such a great mother. She could have dump you in the orphanage. But she chooses the rocky and more mountainous road to make sure that you are well-provided. What your mummy has done...she did it all for you...she just wants to protect you and love you! So you guys better listen to your mum and take care of her okay. Love your mommy! :)

To mommy you are her WORLD!

So here's a song that I would like to dedicate to all single mothers. It is a number from Malaysian Danny Wu. This song-Siapa (Who in Malaysia) depicts a mother's struggle to bring up her child. Enjoy the song! Although some of you could not understand it, but I'm sure you can some what feel it. *wink* ;)

Siapa (feat. 谢婉婷)

曲:温力铭 词:温力铭/张鳗鱼

Siapa 是你吗? 到底谁会疼爱我啦 为什么我一个
Mengapa Dimana 是否爱会存在的啊 Siapa disana

舅舅跟你妈妈 天天都吵架 恨她 恨他
没有一天好 婆婆天天都睡不好

睡不到 因为担心你妈妈 我的姐姐会出事
婆婆天天怕 家里天天骂
没有一天好 希望有一天吧

到了今天你来这世界 我们的生活变了 变了
更多火花 更多灿烂的火花
是因为你的笑容 是因为你带来希望
给了我们全家人知道 不要放弃不要逃避

就等于我们一起走未来的路 好吗 好吗

Siapa 是你吗? 到底谁会疼爱我啦 为什么我一个
Mengapa Dimana 是否爱会存在的啊 Siapa disana

你已经开始会讲话 有时候很不听话
哈哈 你这坏蛋有时候会讲笑话 真的没办法 真的没办法
所以你一定要学会独立照顾自己 知道吗

放了全部时间和希望 为你了
所以不用怕 不要失望如果同学们欺负你说你没有爸爸 算什么
最重要你现在有很疼你的外公外婆妈妈舅舅 那就够了
慢慢来慢慢学要乖噢 不要学坏那就已经够了
那就已经让我们骄傲了 听到吗

Siapa 是你吗? 到底谁会疼爱我啦 为什么我一个
Mengapa Dimana 是否爱会存在的啊 Siapa disana

单亲妈妈请你不要放弃 人生也许捱不下去 日子每天都有新的惊喜

单亲妈妈请你不要放弃 人生也许捱不过去 有我们陪你走下去

Siapa 是你吗? 到底谁会疼爱我啦 为什么我一个
Mengapa Dimana 是否爱会存在的啊 Siapa disana?

P.S.: This post also goes to all the single fathers. =)


Bengbeng said...

at first i thought yr taste in music
is so young until i realized my taste in music is so old hahahahhah

Tekkaus said...

Haha =) Nolar. My taste is varied. Any good song will be in my list. =)

molly said...

Thank you from me and on behalf of all the single mothers.

Tekkaus said...

You are welcome Molly! =) Ganbatte kudasai to all single mothers ya. You guys can do it!

foongpc said...

I liked this song when I first heard it on radio. It grabbed my attention because they use the malay word "Siapa" in it. Btw, a nice touching post on single mothers! : )

cc said...

This is so sweet. You have a heart of gold tekkaus. Kudos to you!

Tekkaus said...

foongpc-->Thanks bro. Yupe! It's a nice song huh! At 1st I didn't really pay any attention until my wife told me. Must thanks her. LOL =)

cc-->Nolar. Anyway thanks for dropping by. =)