Friday, September 12, 2008

Even The Toilet Is Running

So What's your excuse?

Yes, like Mr. Toilet, I love to run too. Sometimes I just don't like to walk because I reckon it slows me down and waste my time. Even when I was small I have been used to running a few miles a day. Perhaps it has something to do with my naughtiness? Because I need to run away when I had messed up with something? Ha =) But really till today, I'm still running. And I know I'm running for my life. Honestly when I was a nippie, I did suffer from asthma. But what surprise me, is that I don't know about it. Mum told me that I even had to consume crocodile flesh to recover from the dreaded respiratory disease. Hmm, that explains a lot.

Morning seems to be the best time.

Do you love running? Some of my friends told me that running might give me heart attack or other heart ailments. Well, undeniable running which is an aerobic exercise could slightly exposed you to heart attacks BUT doing it consistently reduces that risk over the long run. And no one asked you to hit the road at 10 miles when you are just a starter. Start slow and steady while increasing your pace and length over the time.

That's me (nope)!

There's this other myth that I read that running could ruin your bones and joints. Hmm....then Usain Bolt should really stop thinking about lowering the world 100m record. Well, of course that's just a myth. In fact, weight-bearing exercise such as running help stave off osteoporosis by maintaining bone mineral density. Nope. Drinking Anlene alone won't help! You need weight-bearing exercise to help deposit those calciums in your bones. Or else it will clot up at your heart.

These alone won't help!

So is running good? Of course. Only the lazy guys will come up with toones of excuses to discourage others not to run. The bottom line is running is associated with longer life and will make your later years more pleasant by reducing disability! I noticed there are a lot of foody blogs huh! So have you guys been running around to meet those yummy-licious foods? You'd better watch the waist line.

Start them young!

So come on fellow bloggers, let's run for your life. If you have kids, start them young. Ditch those PS3, XBox and Wii. Exposed them more so that they can be more healthy. Let's run for our life because the toilets are running too. =)

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