Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clay Aiken Is One Gay Papa!

I've never thought I will hear this! Neither you guys right? And surely not from his ardent fans especially the ladies. But well, that's the truth. Clay Aiken who was the runner-up in American Idol 2 had came out of his closet. Yes, Aiken is a Gay dad. Nothing is wrong with your eyes and ears, he is a HOMO! Following through a promise he made to himself as a dad: to publicly acknowledge that he is limp-wristed! This confession was his first decision as a dad. Aiken was quoted saying, "I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that." What the...

Aiken-A proud daddy, aye?

Ok, you guys must be wondering if he's gay, then who on earth is the proud Mommy (or daddy) right? Actually there's a mommy in this story. The baby's mom is Jaymes Foster and in May, it was confirmed that Foster, 50, became pregnant via in vitro fertilization (ouh~now you know). So no penetration going on between them! Although both of them are not romantically linked, Clay and Jaymes plan to raise the child together. The two met when Aiken competed on Idol! Strange, but why? I don't understand this. Do you?

Foster (left) and her "husband"?

In my university years, I have seen lots of gays of lesbos. Some are good and friendly while others are downright suckers that you want to land few punches on them! In fact one of my best friend is a gay. So no sex discrimination here ok! I remembered during one of my friend's presentation...he said some people are "born gay". During his explaination he said that all babies will be males unless there are other female-inducing hormones which will actuate the foetus to be a female! So meaning that if you are pregnant and have some emotional problems, depression etc...this will affect the foetus sexual determination! That's why we have all this woman-trap-in-a-man-body and vice versa. Understand? Me neither. Haha =)

Aiken's inspiration?

Anyway...I'm sure more and more people are inspired by the "romantic movie"-Brokeback mountain! That's why more people are coming out of their closets. Kudos to Ang Lee. Is he a gay too? Beats me. Although I don't condone gay relationship because it's really out of the norm and some are merely self-confessed gay but not born as a gay...BUT I still believe they should be treated as equals. Anyway I would like to congratulate Aiken for his newborn baby. And let's refresh ourselves with Aiken's all time favourite-Invisible. I bet he doesn't want to be invisible anymore! *wink* ;)

So, are you a gay too? If yes, are you ready to come out of the closet just like Aiken? Have a nice and gay (cheerful) day ok. =)


cc said...

Gay or not, they are just normal people like you and me, just different sexual orientation.

People make different choices for their life, as long as they're happy with it, who's to say otherwise?!

Tekkaus said...

Haha! Yeah! You are correct about it. They are normal people like us to0. =)