Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5 Tips To Extend Your Knife's Life

It's no fun at all trying to slice anything with a blunt blade right? Imagine trying to cut a tomato with a worn knife but you just can't seems to slice it the way you want it. You try and try and the tomato seems too "hard" for that "sharp" knife" of yours. Everything turned ugly and the tomato juice squired all over painting your face red. That doesn't sound yummy at all right? So it's time to extend the life of your knife. Here's a few tips from Bill Brown for top performance in the kitchen:

1~Quality investment A good set of knives can be costly. No doubt about that. But if you looked after them, they will last a lifetime. Quality knives can even save you those extra $$$ in the long run.

2~Store carefully It's important to store away your knives from other metal objects. Preferably store your knives on a magnetic rack or in a block. These is important to avoid those unnecessary nicks and scratches.

3~Realignment Hone a little and often with a steel to realign the blade. Hold the steel on a board, start with the blade vertical with its end furthest away and pull towards you. Steels come in two versions: for Europeans-style knives and Asian-style knives.

4~Sharpen old knives When your knives get really worn, it's time to sharpen it again! Some cook shops offer this service or you can buy an electric sharpener. If you don't know how sharpen your knives, ask!

5~Hand clean Use your hands to clean your knives. Harsh chemicals and stacking in the dishwasher can damage the knife. And yeah dry straight away to avoid a watermark.

Be careful ok!

Now you know it. So go take your blades and start sharpening it and try to slice your hair into halves (just like in cartoon). See if you can do it effortlessly. If yes, then you knife is indeed a sharpie! Ha =) Ok, don't hurt yourself ok. Be careful!

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