Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz Is Finally Here!

Screenshot from my email

This morning when I opened my Yahoo Mail! A pleasant surprise awaits me. YES!!! I had received an email from Yahoo! Buzz team telling me that Buzz is now open to little publisher such as me-blogger! Three cheers to Yahoo! Just when I thought that I will never ever be part of the Buzz, out of the sudden Yahoo! broke this wonderful news to me. Yahoo! really love to flirt I see.

Buzz: "I'm on top of you Digg!"

Yes, they are open and now we (publishers) can submit our content to Buzz network. Yep! It's time to buzz all our masterpieces. Yes! Yes! I know we have Digg. And Digg's purists will deem Buzz simply as a surplus. Okay: here's the deal Diggers, Buzz will topple Digg sooner or later. Honestly I'm a big fan of Yahoo. And I'm sure that Buzz debut will be nothing short of remarkable. In fact I've already add my Buzz button. Mind you, it's located above of the Digg's button.

Choose from a variety of Buzz buttons!

So guys, be the first few thousands (if not millions) to add the Buzz button onto your blog. Join me to be part of Buzz! Let us be the precursor, the Buzzer! So what are you guys waiting, add the Buzz button onto your blog or website and be a Buzz publisher. Click here to start integrating Buzz buttons and publish all your ramblings! In fact this post will be the 1st I'll Buzz!



hey, this is nice sharing! thanks tekkaus!

Tekkaus said...

U r welcome! =) You should try it. But I realiaze there's a glitch. That is the buzz count will only appear on the specific post page and not in the main page. Hopefully yahoo will address this asap!