Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spice Girls' Greatest Song-Mama!

Thank you Mama!

I don't really recall how many album Spice Girls have came out with; I don't really recall how many hits songs they have. But one thing I'm sure is that this song, is their one and only great song. In fact, their greatest I would say-Mama. If there's one song that will play on again and again, year after year for eons-I'm sure it will be this song-Mama!

Okay! Today's main talk is of course not about those no so spicy (anymore) Girls! Today is 11th of May! It's Mother's Day. Yesterday as I went to grab some pizza for my dearest mom I noticed that throngs of children took their moms out to celebrate Mother's Day. Of course we shouldn't cherish our mother only on this occasion! Let every day be Mother's Day! Nope, you don't have to buy your mom that 20 carrot diamond to prove that you remember her! You don't have to splash your mom with all those luxury! You don't need to auto-debit $3k every month in her account to let her know you love her.

Mommy will always be by your side!

In fact she doesn't need those constructive stuff! She wants something more abstract. All your mom want is your love. Show her by doing all the laundry every day; let her know you care by taking out the trash every night after dinner; make her feel appreciated by eating all her dishes! It takes only a little gesture every day to make your mom happy the whole life time. For those of you who always take your mom for granted...this is the time for you to wake up!

"Don't cry sweetie! Mommy will always love you!"

No matter how bad you thought or assume you mom treat you, she's always doing it for your sake. Although sometimes you might feel that she's trying to screw you life and mess everything! Take a step back and ponder. You might actually understand why she is doing all those so-called "unnecessary" stuff! Remember no matter how bad your mom appears to be, she's the one who brought you into this world! She's the one who risk her life to conceive you and let you feel this world!

So no matter what, we always owe our mom everything! In fact every single thing that we have right now. Without her, there's no us! Bear that in mind. So have you treated you mom right yet? Do you really care and love your mom? Or you have been taking your old folk for granted all this while? It's time to change. It's never too late (and don't make it too late)!

Anyway...I sincerely want to wish all moms and would-be-mom in this world, Happy Mother's Day! And I would also thank my dearest mom for all she has done for me! I love you mom!

Do you still remember...

How she hugs you?

How she puts on your shoes?

How she cuddles you when you're sick?

How you nag her for stories?

It's time for you to be there for your mom!
Listen to Mama! It helps! =)

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