Monday, May 12, 2008

My Red Devil Prevails!!!

Champions again!!! I thought Manchester United will need to bank on their superior goal difference to beat Chelsea for the Premier League crown. But Chelsea set their self-destruct bomb and let Red Devils claimed their 17th League Crown. But to be fair, The Blues were dealing with Bolton who battled till their last drip of blood to avoid relegation! So did Steve Bruce gave his mentor a helping hand? Who cares anymore?

Better late than never!

In the end Manchester United retained their Premier League title with 2 points to spare. The old and new faces of united combined to secure The Devils 10th titles under Ferguson. Ronaldo's 33rd-minute penalty and Ryan Giggs' clinical strike 10 minutes from time more than assure the title is far beyond the Blues reach! Manchester should have wrapped up the title earlier but a slip here and there almost cost them their 17th crown.


Chelsea players will get their revenge this coming Champion League's Final! Let see how things unfold. I wouldn't say that Manchester will surely win. But with yesterday's draw tattooed in their mind, The Blues certainly feel the blues and need to pick themselves out of this slump! Back to drawing board for Grant!

Can Ronaldo stand up and be counted again?

The mouth-watering clash between the 2 titans is just around the corner. Will the over-paid Terry be in time for the crucial crunch? So where will you put your money? Is it the crestfallen Chelsea or the in-form Manchester United? Who will be the key? Ronaldo or Lampard? I'll vote first and you'll know who get it! =)

Who will be King Of Europe?

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