Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Had My Viva Yesterday!

If you think that the Viva that I mentioned was Perodua's gemstone, you might be forgiven. Well, the title is meant to grab your attention right? Okay! The viva I had yesterday was not the ViVA that has sold thousands of unit in Malaysia monthly! It was not the ViVA that you can see in almost every corner of Malaysia. Yes! This ViVA is so damm popular (click to watch ViVA in action). But my viva was something else.

Perodua's ViVA. But not the one I had!

The viva that I had yesterday was an oral examination to verify my understanding and knowledge of the topic that I have chosen for my thesis! (My topic has something to do with zooplankton, read on to find out more) Damm! Am I glad that everything is over right now (almost). Yesterday, I woke up at 5 a.m. before the sun reveal itself. It's been a while since I really take a presentation seriously. Usually I won't clock in that much hours for my presentation.

*Yawn* Morning!

But yesterday was a completely different thing. It was more than that! A viva. If I screwed up yesterday, my 3 years in University will be extended. All in all, yesterday's viva could ultimately make-or-break my future (or at least disrupt it). So everyone will need to step into the paddock for the crunch time.

I'm sure mine is not this boring!

This viva-that is an oral presentation in front of my fellow lecturers is a test to what I have been doing for this past couple of months. It's a follow-up for my submitted thesis (Thesis sucks!). After summarizing everything in a 15-minutes presentation, lecturers will "shower" you will lots of questions. Each questions asked could flaw your points and even dismantle all your effort!

Screw you zooplankton! We meet again!

I was the 5th person to present yesterday. Honestly I was not that nervous about this Viva. I don't have stage-fright and the presentation was a smooth-sailing! Then came the Q & A that I dreaded so much. I thought I'll have to endure the onslaught from the lecturers. But to my delight, I managed to came out virtually unscathed. All the abuses and flames that I expect didn't materialize. Thank God.

It's thesis time (again).

I heard my other friends were not that lucky! Hopefully all of us could make it. I'm sure we can. Anyway, now that the viva is out of the way...the final straw is to edit all the mistakes that I have made in my thesis. Great, I have to look at those zooplankton again! Argggghh! Can't help. If not I won't be graduating this year. For other comrades who have to endure this viva thing, all the best!