Sunday, February 24, 2008

Will You Do This?

Parker and her Angel-Alexis Goggins!

Do what? Take 6ix gun shots! Even David Blaine will need a second thought (or even third) for trying to take 6ix gun shots and still be alive! For Heroes this time, Alexis Goggins is undeniably a Hero(in). Why? Because she take 6ix gun shots, that's why!

Okay, he's not doing it for fun though. This seven-year-old threw herself across her mother just as a gunman was about to shoot her mum. The mother and daughter were getting a ride from a friend last December when her mother ex suddenly emerged from the shadows outside her mother's (Parker) house and jumped into the sport utility vehicle. Inside the SUV, Parker pleaded with the gunman not to shoot. As he was about to open fire, Alexis cried, "Don't hurt my mother!" and jumped into her mother's arms from the back seat!

If not for Alexis who risked and sacrificed for her mom, Parker is in her coffin right now! But, everything has a price. Alexis bears several scars from the Dec 2 shooting, including a long thin, surgical line stretching from one side of her hairline to the other. Her right eye, which was blinded when a slug entered her chin and exited through her eye, has been removed! Poor girl!

Will you do that for you mum or even your family? I will. To Seliethia Parker, "An angel is what I call her!"

Alexis Goggins does not have any powers or abilities that we seen in Heroes. But she has one single thing that make her so darn special! Her love for her mother! Perhaps love is the greatest power after all! So let us all prays that she'll live happily ever after okay! =)

Alexis Goggins-Mother Protector!