Friday, February 29, 2008

Nostradamus The Time Traveler?

Nostradamus: The ability to foresee or time-travel?

Who is he? Spiderman? Nope, but he did have ability to predict! Just like Spiderman who have "spider sense" to predicts what is about to happen, the late Nostradamus had far more superior prediction power with some dating hundred years after his prediction! But I do thing that he could do so by traveling into the future! Logic? Rightly so!

His disciples swear by him, saying he correctly predicted 911 and the ascendancy of President Bush. Even after 500 years, the influence of French seer Michel de Nostredame-more commonly known as Nostradamus-has spread to the realm of many culture and world events. An yeah they even have a series based on it!

His book Les Propheties has spawned many prophecies, most taken out of context by eager fans hoping some future insight.

Let's take a look at some of Nostradamus' most well-known statements, and their interpretations:

1. "Pau-Nay-Loron will be more of fire than of blood. To swim in praise, the great one to flee to the confluents, he will refuse entry to Piuses. The depraved one and (France) will keep them imprisoned."

Interpretation: Readers would come to see this as the bloody reign and exile of the French Napoleon, as the words 'pau nay loron' could be an anagram for 'Napoulon Roy', or Napopleon the king. The 'Piuses' mentioned refers to the Popes Pius VI and VII, who were both imprisoned by Napoleon.

2. "From the deepest part of Western Europe, a young child will be born to poor people: Whom by his speech will seduce great multitude. His reputation will increase in the Kingdom of the East."
"Beast wild with hunger will cross the rivers. The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. He will cause the great one to be drawn into an iron cage, when the child of Germany observes no law."

Interpretation: Nostradamus' prediction of the second Anti-Christ is understood to be about German dictator Adolf Hitler. The word 'Hister', while a close reference to his name, is also Latin for the river shore where Hitler was born. The Kingdom of the East refereed here is known as Japan.

P.S.: I guess he has the ability to time travel? To venture into the future and describe he saw when he is in the future in his very own words! My take is he's like Hiro Nakamure from Heroes, but with far more superior innate powers!

As predicted: Hitler's rose!