Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Borrowed Time!

Clocks: My borrowed time!

Today is the final day of February-29th February and we have to wait another four years to have another 29th. Yupe, I’m doing my laboratory work right now. I’m the latest among my friends. Ha =) It seems that I have this nag of doing things in the eleventh hour.

You may call me lazy bone, a procrastinator or anything you like but I do feel that I perform better under pressure (most of the time). Other times I just flaunt what I did. Well, perhaps that’s just another way to sweeten up my excuses? Darn, I really need to put a stop to this habit. My wife always complains about this. Rightly so!

Okay now, come tomorrow is the beginning of March, and time is running out for me to complete whatever I should be doing. One of my main priorities is to kill my lab work and start the paper work ASAP! No more time, in fact I am living on borrowed time right now.

Wake up call! I really need to commit fully right now on I won’t make it to stage for my graduation. I don’t want to stay another day in this University anymore. It has reached a threshold that I would sum it up as enough! Christopher is time to wake up and don’t procrastinate anymore. I can do it! Nike! Ha =)

Everybody is changing!