Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guy and Girls: It's Too Late To Apologise!

Nope, he can't reverse what he had done!

Well, although there's second chance for tonnes of mistakes...but there are also one mistake that could ruin a person's entire life! Just as you thought that people will forgive you, think again! Don't we familiar with the notion, "when we are right, no one remember; when we are wrong, no one forget!"

And for the case of Edison Chen, it seems that he'll need to be a darn good magician to undone is dreaded misstep. Dream on. No one will ever going to forget this! Edison is like eastern version of Paris Hilton. Is he proud right now?

Listen: At least seven stars
have been sucked into the twists and turns of the sex scandal over the photos, which feature singer-actor Edison Chen with a string of Hong Kong starlets including pop singer Gillian Chung, actress Cecilia Cheung, and former actress Bobo Chan.

For him, it's too late to apologise! Not only did he press the self-destruct button to shred himself into pieces...Edison also indirectly tainted others' life. I'm sure not many (or none) guy would want to be linked with woman who "bared it all" to the public! Will you? I won't for sure! So in other words, Edison had widowed all these women? Gillian Chung concert was cancelled and Cicilia was reported to be chased out by her in-laws!

I'm sure lots of fans and purists moans about this eruption! No one see it was coming! There are broken hearts and streaming tears! It's true...their hero (or heroines) had fallen! This promiscuous lad who had sexual relationship with so many women is as good as gone! Edison Chen is not a good role model anymore. He's a goner!

Don't blame the media nor the paparazzi! He had only himself to blame.

Guess he won't be playing with
so many colors anymore!

So everyone, guys and girls: look before you leap! Everything we do will have its price! Never let yourself exposed to something that will ruin your future!

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