Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CSI: Demise Of HD DVD!

Obituary: Who killed Mr. HD DVD?

Mr HD DVD had been murdered! So who's the culprit? There are several high-profile suspects involved! And do expect some surprises as we unravel this case! We had flied in some of the experts from CSI.

The father of late Mr. HD DVD was utterly sad with the his son's death. He even held a press conference urging the authorities to take immediate action. HD DVD'S father who is the preseident of Toshiba, Atsutoshi Nishida Said, "Return my son! Return it back to me! I'll get you! I won't let my my son's murderer escape!"

After much deliberations and scrutinising from our experts, they finally managed to rope in a few highly possible accused! And here are the list:

1. Play Station 3
2. Sony Pictures
3. Walt Disney
4. Twentieth Century Fox
5. Warner Box
6. Toshiba

One of the reasons why HD DVD kicked the bucket is because of the successful integration of Blue-Ray into PS3. But wait, don't over-rule that PS3 killed Mr. HD DVD. It was said that after PS3 caused Mr. HD DVD severe stroke, he was hospitalized and needed life support.

And...it was in the hospital that Mr. HD DVD was killed. His life support was removed! They also caught the culprit on CCTV. It was Warner Bros' dirty job. The life support for Mr. HD DVD was cut off by Warner Bros because they choose Blue Ray instead of HD DVD! And guess who was the person responsible in cutting the life support? It was Warner Bros' Bugs Bunny!

He was caught red-handed on the Hospital CCTV!

*Note: All the above story was just a fabrication. This was done to make this issue more interesting! But HD DVD format was indeed DEAD! Toshiba concede defeat after Warner Bros drop the HD DVD format and preferred only Blue-Rays. And yeah, Mr. Atsutoshi Nishida is really the president of Toshiba. He did held a press conference, but to announce the defeat of HD DVD!

Last but not least, we hope that Blue-Ray will roll out their Blue-Ray Player at a more affordable price. May the death of HD DVD bode well for us-CONSUMER! Cheers! =)