Sunday, January 13, 2008

You and Me!

Ohio gozaimasu (translation: good morning)! As i am blogging for this post it's almost 5 to nine o'clock in the morning! Wow, I'm sure is an early bird huh! So where's my worm? Well...for you guys who just got up and happen to read this post, well you are the early birds. And the worm is, You and Me (Huh? What do I mean?). As the title suggest, this post is all about You and Me! And I would like to label it as Juke-Blog. =)

They say music can fill you soul right? And that's why I want to share with you this song to commence Juke-Blog! Although some of you might not understand, but I'm sure you can feel the songs right!

Just like this song, music knows no boundaries, just like You and Me or in chinese is (你和我) Ni He Wo It's that simple! Do enjoy~

Just you and me!

1 comment:

BMahendran said...

haha..since now its 5 Am..n i didnt sleep Ohio gozaimasu to you too!!

nice blog ddude :)