Monday, January 21, 2008

Killer Hair Band?

Hair bands anyone?

"Don't try this at home!" Yeah, how many times have you heard this line? Too many times? Can't recall? Well, We really shouldn't have try a lot of things that we hear or watch, and we should have warn everyone about it. Here's the sad story that reminds us not to imitate!

Do you know a little girl accidentally hanged herself on New Year's Day? Hair bands are colourful and practical. In fact it has long been one of the basic accessories for girls and young women. Usually, hair bands are worn to keep that long dangling hair from getting into our eyes. But hair bands to make cool fashion statement too.

For one British girl though, that fashion statement accessory has been the cause of her demise. Paige Brown had celebrated her last Christmas last year and her favourite Noel present was to be her last! Her parents found her with the pink hair band tied around her neck and fastened to a hammock which held her soft toys.

Her father believed that she was trying to imitate a scene from a popular children's cartoon. Paige had recently watched a scene in which a cartoon character was swinging around with what looked like a rope attached to his neck. The little girl's grandmother, who happened to watch the cartoon with her, had cautioned her not to imitate what the cartoon did. are kids right? Impressionable as they are though, most children are naturally curious and inclined to try what they deem fun!

Cartoons may be fun and entertaining but some may contain scenes that are not appropriate for young children. Without proper parental care and guidance, kids might think it's OK to imitate even their idols!

In the end, who should be blamed? I would say everyone except the poor children. Love your kids, little sisters and brothers, please don't leave them alone! They need you more than you could ever imagine. Please!

A scene from Go Diego Go (left), a favourite of Paige Brown,
pictured in a family snap opening her Christmas presents