Saturday, December 22, 2007

I have a bad day!

Well, I had a bad day. You see, that's how life is! There's always rise and fall in our life. The night will always come and the day will always have to make way. If you reckon that your life should be nothing but smooth sail, then you shouldn't have live at all. It's these so-called bad days that make our life more 'real'. All the obstacles that we have come across and all the bad days that we had are there to make us stronger not weaker. Don't pray for it to go away. Because it won't! Pray so that you'll have the courage to overcome it. Always remember that adversities have its advantages. Learn the value in each of your bad days, but not the details. Remember when you thought that your life sucks...think again and look around. And you'll know how lucky you are. Be grateful with what you have. And I'm very grateful that i have a loving dad, mom, brother and wife! I love them very much!

Every clouds has its silver lining!

Life is life, live it!