Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Lucky Underwear That Gamblers Should Wear During Chinese New Year

They say Chinese New Year is the time for us to be merry, have lots of reunion dinner, enjoy good food, visit family and friends, play firecrackers and most importantly...GAMBLING! It is a fact that Chinese New Year will never be complete if you do not gamble. Ha :D If not how are we (bachelors who are not married) supposed to spend all the Ang Pow money that we have right? Yupe~so during these 15 days, a lot of us will be splurging our money happily playing poker and mahjong.

 photo 01 The Lucky Underwear That Gamblers Should Wear During Chinese New Year_zps4uxufjxd.jpg
These are for Gamblers!

Of course everyone wants to win when they are gambling right? If we keep on losing and losing...our Chinese New Year will be quite meaningless (unless you are really darn rich)! However we are all aware that gambling involves a lot of risk and most of the time we are definitely not in control of our fate. Or to put it more blatantly...GAMBLING is about LUCK! No matter how skillful a gambler is, if Lady Luck is not on your are bound to lose. So how do we remedy this "luck" thingy?

 photo 02 The Lucky Underwear That Gamblers Should Wear During Chinese New Year_zpscrjk3kv9.jpg
Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

There are various methods for gamblers to raise their level of luck during Chinese New Year and one of the most popular is by donning red clothes. So you will notice there are people who wear red shirt, red trousers, red socks...some even dye their hair red. That's what you can see with your naked eyes! Do you know that real, avid gamblers even wear RED or "prosperous" underwear to increase their wealth luck during Chinese New Year? Yupe~yours truly also bought a pair of lucky underwear for this Chinese New Year. So if you are gambling if your friends and family and you notice someone who is on a winning spree...most probably he is using The Lucky Underwear! Ha :D

 photo 03 The Lucky Underwear That Gamblers Should Wear During Chinese New Year_zpswirntlhq.jpg
So if you wanna up your wealth level and luck. You know what to wear. LOL

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