Friday, August 22, 2014

The Day We Mourn Their Lost & Start To Cherish What We Have

Today we mourned for the 298 innocent people (43 Malaysians) who were killed in the tragic 17th of July incident. My deepest condolence to everyone who are directly or indirectly affected by this dreadful calamity. Flight MH17 which was bound for Kuala Lumpur mistakenly was shot down over eastern Ukraine by some idiotic fools, killing everyone on board-298 lives. Nobody expected this to happen, not when you were happily on your way home or eagerly waiting to touch down for your vacation. It's a saddening day all of us...

 photo TheDayWeMournForMH17-Copy_zps7234d8a0.jpg
Our national flag at half mast...

We Malaysians observed this solemn occasion today (just now at around 10:50a.m.) by wearing black attires and flying our national flag-Jalur Gemilang at half mast. My bosses and colleagues stood outside of our office just now to mark a minute of silence for the poor victims of flight MH17. It is the least that we could do for those whose lives had been wrongfully snatched away from them; It is the least that we could do to ease the excruciating pain of the distraught families and friends who will painfully mourn for a lifetime.

 photo CherishFamily_zpsf0c24d2d.jpg
Don't wait until it is too late...

What about us? What about us who are still lucky enough have our family and beloved ones ALIVE? Are we doing enough to show that we are really grateful to have our spouses, parents, siblings and children by our side? Their demise should serve as a wake up call for us to cherish and treasure our family members; Their lost should be a reminder to all of us that we should never ever take our loved ones for granted; Their mourning should be a lesson to the rest of us that we might not always get a second chance in life...So start loving your loved ones before it is too late...

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