Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Presents For Wifey And Babies

2013 has proved to be a special year for us as we have our very first Christmas tree in our new home. Despite not being religiously attached to Noel, my family and I are very much into it. It's after all the time to be happy and merry right? Of course no Christmas Tree or for the matter of fact-Christmas, will be complete with presents and gifts. That's why I have sneakily bought some gifts for my wife and babies and put it under our Christmas tree. Hopefully they'll love it. :)

 photo 01ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zps42b2427a.jpg
Christmas Presents. :)

 photo 02ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zps2eb18fa5.jpg
Who doesn't like presents right? :p

 photo 04ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zps7d1f9bc7.jpg
For my wife.

 photo 05ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zps2220a2eb.jpg
For my son.

 photo 06ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zpsa47b4ca2.jpg
For my daughter.

 photo 03ChristmasPresentsForWifeyAndBabies_zps1dea10d4.jpg
For both my babies. I am sure they will love this play tent of theirs. :D

Yours truly have woke up early to take the Christmas presents out from their hideout to put them under the tree.  I am sure (hope) my wife and babies will be surprised (or not). :p I think I have really done a good job wrapping all the gifts right? Haha :D Blowing my own trumpet. But at least they are presentable. The gift wrapped like a candy is for my wife. There are 3 presents for both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl and all 3 of the presents are meant to be shared and played together. I hope my wife and babies will love and enjoy their Christmas presents. :)

 photo Merry-Christmas_zps1ddfd3b2.jpg
And a Happy New Year!

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