Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Is In Daddy's Wallet?

Babies are naturally very, very curious...or mischievous. Ha :D My baby Jordan is a curious boy as well. He has plenty of real toys to play with...however, sometimes he will get bored with his typical toys. That is when his eyes will start to wander around the house. Finding something that looks like toys, but different from his very own typical toys. It so happened that one of his toys which is not a toy is his daddy's wallet. Yupe! He just loves to play with my leather wallet. Perhaps he knows it is important as I bring it along all the time.

What are you doing Jordan boy?

After "unlocking" my Larrie wallet, my baby Jordan will slowly pull out my it credit cards, bank cards, loyalty cards and of course identification card. After that he will start to unearth the "gold mine" in his treasure chest. One by one, the notes are being pulled out. After he has done, withdrawing all the money from his ATM, my Jordan boy will make sure that nothing is in the wallet...he will even remove my wife's late mommy's photos...until the wallet is empty.

So daddy's wallet is now your toy?

So which one do you want to keep in your toy box?

The red one?

It's fun to look at him, exploring my wallet. He is so serious. :D

After everything is completely removed from the wallet...after he has done emptying his new toy box, that means? What? Of course, it means mission accomplished for my baby boy. After that? After that he will just leave his "trail of destruction" behind for his daddy-me, to clean up. Ok...I will clean it up and put everything in its place again. Then when he stumbles upon my "untouched" wallet...he will start doing what he does best-empty it. So how many of you parents, your wallets have been victimized by your little ones? :p

Wait...aren't you going to put everything back in? :p

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