Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wan Tan Mee @ Tai Chen Restaurant

If you want to try wan tan mee in Taiping, you have to try this one in Tai Chen Restaurant. It is an old shop, and the taste of their wan tan mee is equally "vintage". Although the wan tan mee looks really ordinary, after sipping a few strands of the springy noodle I have to say that it is something more than meet the eyes. In fact the wan tan mee served at Tai Chen Restaurant is comparable to the one in Prima Coffee Shop (the best so far). On "photos" both of the wan tan mee look almost the same, however the latter still tastes better.

It is really old huh! :)

What I like about the wan tan mee at Tai Chen Restaurant is their finely shredded meat. I thought the blend of black soya sauce (and maybe secret recipe) really make the wan tan mee taste more flavorful. The chopped spring onions enhance the fragrance of the noodle and barbecued pork. I must say that the wan tan was quite huge and the soup was delicious...of course the few dashes of black pepper helped as well. :p However...the texture of the noodle is not as good as the one found in Prima Coffee Shop. Perhaps the ones in Prima Coffee Shop is hand-made?

One of best Wan Tan Mee in Taiping.

Mouth-watering right?

Stop drooling...

So far I have tried a lot of wan tan mee in Taiping and this one in Tai Chen Restaurant certainly deserves my mention. So if you happen to be in Taiping and stumble upon this antique-looking coffee shop, step in and order yourself a plate of scrumptious wan tan mee. However, yours truly me, is still waiting to try the legendary wan tan mee in Taiping which my wife has been talking about. Hopefully I can try it as soon as possible. :D

Enjoying our food the moment we "touched down" at Taiping. :)

Grandpa feeding Jordan. :D

Mommy feeding Jasmine girl. :)

All in all, it was a great dining experience for me and my family. Gotta thank my father-in-law for bringing us to this old coffee shop. I truly enjoy the cozy, friendly atmosphere. In fact, I think it is more comfortable compared to those high-end, air-conditioned cafe. :p Savouring my plate of saucy wan tan mee really makes me feel at's like I am a little child again.

Yummy or not Jasmine girl? ;)

Wanna know how to get to Tai Chen Restaurant at Taiping?

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