Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Playing Under The Angsana Trees [PICS]

Jordan boy loves to venture out of our home. The moment his shoes are put on, he will immediately storm out towards the gates. Then he will be making a lot of noises, urging me to push open the "final barrier". Ha :D He simply loves the outdoor. The same thing happened while we were in Taiping. One evening, before our dinner, I brought Jordan boy out for his evening stroll. We walked and we walked until we came to a street where there are several huge angsana trees with blooming with literally thousands of flowers of yellow hues. It was such a wonderful sight.

Here we are....underneath the angsana trees.

While I was still admiring those beautiful trees, my Jordan boy had already made his way towards them. Seemed like he could not wait to get close with the trees and flowers huh! under those huge Angsana trees was really something magical. Thousands of yellow petals slowly danced their ways down, towards us, twisting and swirling gracefully. It's like a meteor shower. I could see in my son's eyes, he was amazed with the magic that nature is weaving in front of him. He danced and played underneath the trees. :)

Do you like playing underneath the Angsana trees?

*Smile* YES! :D

What are you doing Jordan boy? Sweeping the floor with straws? :p

Come~stand up Ah~Dan!

Jordan boy looking at the thousands of fallen angsana flowers. :)

Jordan boy wondering where they came from.

The answer is UP.

I actually had to drag my baby boy back home after allowing him to marvel at nature's beauty. Jordan boy really enjoyed himself, playing under those ancient-looking angsana trees. The thousands of yellow petals swirling around us was really a sight to behold. Everything looked so surreal as the flowers drizzles slowly, caressing us. Not only for my son, but for me as well. I have never had such an experience before. How about you? :)

Let's go back home Jordan boy. :)

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