Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Jasmine Eating Oatmeal [PICS + VIDEO]

Jasmine girl is one bubbly 8 months old baby. By now she can do a lot of things that she is expected to do. And one of the things that she can effortlessly do is eating. Ha :D She really loves to eat (a lot). The moment she sees either my wife, her brother or me holding something that appears to be food, she would be barging towards us, wanting to munch on whatever we have in our hands. Failing to eat what she wants will cause her to cry and scream. Ha :D

Mommy~I am hungry already. I wanna eat oat~oat.

So the other day my wife and I were having a bowl of oatmeal (YUCKS!) for dinner and coincidentally our little Jasmine spotted what we were holding. Her target was locked and we could not deny her unless we wanted her to bring down the house with her ear-piercing scream! My wife scooped a spoon for her to try...and to my surprise Jasmine loves the taste of oatmeal (which I hate a lot). So I volunteered to let her have my portion. Haha :D

OK~mommy will give you oat~oat~o. :D

Eat slowly ok Jasmine girl.


How is it?

Photobucket is tasty huh.


Jasmine~you cannot eat the spoon!


I was happy to see both my wife and Jasmine were enjoying healthy food-oatmeal. My daughter really resembles her mommy. Like my wife, our darling daughter loves to eat a lot (shhh...don't tell my wife I badmouthed her). And like my wife, she is not a picky eater yet. Perhaps she is still very young? Everything that we shove into her waiting mouth, will be immediately gobbled them down by her hastily. Hmm...perhaps I should control both my women on their craving for food. :p

Our baby Jasmine girl eating oatmeal.

Then again I am not really sure if it is OK for a baby to eat oatmeal. I guess it should be healthy right? It is really a joy to see her crying out loud, urging us to give her food. At times, her antics are really hilariously adorable. My wife and I can't stand her...sometimes. It's like she is always hungry. Perhaps this is an indication that she is growing up healthily? Then again daddy hope you won't make eating your hobby ok. I don't want you to be obese. Haha :D

Daddy darling Jasmine can really eat huh! :p

P.S.: Yours truly me, still finds oatmeal a bit too hard to stomach. The taste is ok...but then...

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