Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Renewed My Domain Name Tekkaus.com For 10 Years!

Yesterday I received an SMS from my brother telling me that my blog was "dead". Well...not really dead but expired. I immediately switched on my laptop and checked. Yupe! To my utter dismay my domain name-"Tekkaus.com", for my blog had indeed expired and I had forgotten to renew my domain. I did receive some emails from my readers as well. That's one really bad news for me, especially when I was 500km away from my workstation.


Without delay, I went to my "domain name manager" and renewed my domain name. I paid a whopping US$119 (RM385) for my coveted domain name-www.tekkaus.com, which I am using for my precious blog. Yupe. That's the money I paid to buy my this domain name for 10 years. In fact that's the maximum length of time that I can "own" my domain name. Or can I buy my domain name for more than 10 years? Then again...10 years is like a long, long, long, long time away from now.

Goodness. I am not going to lose my domain name! :(

Gonna make it mine for 10 years. Muahahaha :D


Yupe! My blog tekkaus.com will only expire in 2022! :D

So is it worth it to buy a domain name for 10 years? I won't even think twice to fork out another U$119 to make the domain mine for 20 years. After all my blog literally paid for itself. For starters it is a PageRank 4 blog which is making hundreds of bucks each month on "autopilot". LOL :D Secondly I love this domain name -tekkaus.com as it is my very own unique nickname. Yay! So it will be mine until 2022. A decade! :) How about you? Do you like your domain name? For how long have you been owning your very own domain name?

P.S.: How come I was not notified by my "domain name manager" about the expiration of my domain name? Hmm...

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