Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sacred Clear Water Garden @ Taiping

A day after meeting the largest Tua Pek Kong I have ever seen in my life, we visited yet another temple. This time we didn't have to drive 100km to visit this temple. It is located right in Taiping, itself. Actually it was in a housing area. I guess they used 2 or 3 houses to build this temple. The name of this temple is Qing Yun Tan Qing Shui Temple (清云坛清水). A lot of people have come to this temple to seek for blessings and divine help in their lives. Again my wife and I didn't really offer our prayers using the joss sticks as our hands are full with our 2 babies.

Welcome to Clear Water Garden

However the main attraction of this temple lies in its sacred Clear Water Garden (清水园), which is directly beside the temple. Although the garden is small, you will feel so at peace. The ambiance of the garden is so sacred that you can feel its purity. Undeniably this Clear Water Garden must have been built according to all the Feng Shui rules etc. Inside this garden you can see a Wu Yun Bridge (五运桥) which is supposed to bless you when you use it to cross to the other side of the garden.

The Wu Yun Bridge (五运桥)

Aww...priceless family photo. Ha :D

The legendary Dragon Turtle...

That's a really huge "heart" huh!

Perhaps my wife had touched this "heart" before she met me? :p

Those who wanna find a good boyfriend or husband...come touch this heart!

There is this "lake" pond whereby a magnificent celestial being is residing-Dragon Turtle. Do you know that it symbolizes courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support? to have your photos taken beside this Dragon Turtle with bring one lots of fortune huh! Besides, you will not miss a huge love-shaped ROCK in the garden. It is inscribed with the word "fate" (缘). So I guess those who wanna get hitched asap should come and touch this huge rock. LOL :D

Behold...The Vacuum Tower (真空塔).

Come~help me to get rid of all the bad karma. :p

Resting beside the Clear Heart Pond (清心池)

Isn't this lotus beautiful?

Then we saw something very interesting...a Vacuum Tower (真空塔). I have no idea what is the purpose of this tower at suck out all the bad karma in you once you touch it? I sure hope so. We took some time to rest beside the beautiful Clear Heart Pond (清心池). I really enjoyed myself in this Clear Water Garden. No doubt that it is small...but I really, really feel so relaxed when I am in this garden. It soothed if I am being healed and invigorated...aww...How I wish I can set up such a garden in my new home.

Looking at this lotus gives me so much serenity...

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