Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can't Sleep Without Holding Mommy's Fingers

My Jasmine girl is 6 months old right now. She is getting increasingly attached to his dearest mommy. Wherever my wife goes, my daughter will be following her with her eyes of course. It's like my daughter can't take her eyes off her mommy. Even before she closes her eyes and sleep, she wants to mommy to be by her side. Remember my previous post: Jasmine girl sleeping in mommy's arms [PICS]? She feels safe and sound as long as mommy is close to her. :)

My wife lulling Jasmine girl to sleep with her...fingers. :D

My Jasmine girl has a habit of holding her mommy's hand or fingers while she is about to sleep. She will refuse to sleep if my wife isn't sitting by her side, holding her little hand. Such a demanding little girl huh! Then she will grab my wife's hand tightly and slowly drift into her dreamland. It is really heart-warming to see the bonding between my wife and my little girl.

Shhh...she is asleep.

See? She has to hold her mommy when she is sleeping.

The bonding between a mom and a daughter

She feels safe.

So my wife has to let my daughter hold her hand every time she is about to sleep, especially during night time. I am sure my wife won't be complaining as she is enjoying every single second of it. She will always smile and look at my daughter as she squeezes her fingers. It is such a priceless moment for both my wife and my daughter. They will surely reminisce about this one day. :)

Mommy feels very blessed. :)

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